QUICK Trick Most Golfers MISS

Golfers: Don’t Copy Your Practice Swing

Many golfers have a practice swing they think would land them on the tour if they could only hit the ball with it. “Why is my practice swing so much better than my real swing?” they ask. “Why can’t I hit the ball with that swing?” Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t. That swing might feel good and look good, but then it might not be worth a dime for hitting a golf ball.

Best Golf Swing Trainers Available

Identifying the right golf training aids to improve your swing technique and overall performance can be a tricky task. Find out how the best golf swing trainers currently available can help you to increase your golf driving distance, accuracy and control off of the tee and through the green.

Nike Spikeless Golf Shoes Review

Nike spikeless golf shoes are very rare and hard to find. And today, there are many courses that strictly require golfers to use golf footwear that have no spikes to prevent destroying the greens. Some players use shoes that have “soft spikes” made up of rubber, but it also ruins the turf to some degree and may soon be disallowed.

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review – Go Through This Write Up Before You Buy

Get the Medicus Driver, a golf swing training aid that employs a dual hinge technology to eliminate your swing flaws. Read to find out more regarding the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver.

Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer Review

The Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer is considered by many, to be one of the best golf swing trainers ever created. By developing your entire golf swing sequencing, the Powechute Swing Trainer will provide you with the power and Tour Pro lag that is essential for generating maximum distance off of the Tee.

Medicus 460cc Dual Hinge Driver Review

The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is the perfect golf swing trainer to help improve your golf swing technique and cure the dreaded golf slice or hook. Designed to groove the correct swing plane and proper tempo, the Medicus Driver will train you to significantly increase your golf driving distance, accuracy and control.

Play Golf With Mind Over Matter

The power of thought is used in your golf game. How you think and what you believe will be the outcome of your golf swing or your golf game. You get what you think. Your thoughts are your mind power.

Golf Is Mental – Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

Have you considered programming your subconscious to play golf to perfection? Most of us have learned different mental tricks or techniques to better control our thoughts and actions. We have only to gain by adding one more proven method.

Put Hidden Magic Into Your Game Of Golf

Mental preparation includes practicing correctly. You can practice golf without holding the golf club in your hands. A game of mental golf is the hidden magic for a better game.

Golf Swing Techniques – How to Hit the Lob Wedge

We have all seen the pros use a lob wedge to pull off spectacular shots around the green to save par. Knowing the golf swing techniques the pros use to execute shots like that would bolster your game and give you an advantage over your competition. You will definitely have the ability to save strokes and lower your scores. Read on to learn the golf swing techniques and tips of how to execute the perfect lob wedge.

Why To Invest In Ecco Golf Shoes

If you are on the market for a new pair of golf shoes, it is important to do your research to find the best pair at the best price. While some believe that golf shoes do not ultimately affect a golfer’s performance, studies have shown that with the right pair of shoes golfers can achieve maximum flight and airtime. While you still must practice and perfect your golf swing, investing the right golf shoes will definitely make a difference in terms of traction and comfort. Understand how investing in Ecco golf shoes can benefit you and choose a brand you can trust.

Why Women Should Spend Time In Buying Ladies Golf Shoes

They say that warriors are only as effective as their clothing, and this is probably the reason why ladies golf shoes are of utmost importance for women golf enthusiasts. Neophytes of the sport think that apparel might be a trivial thing to affect the way people play the game, but experts know differently. In fact, experts would even go as far as saying that golf shoes are crucial to maintain a balanced game.

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