Game-Changing Technique To Make More Sloping Putts!

In this blog post, we are excited to introduce a game-changing technique that will help us make more sloping putts on the green. By incorporating this innovative method into our putting routine, we can expect to see a significant improvement in our overall performance. Let’s explore how we can elevate our game with this powerful strategy!

Game-Changing Technique To Make More Sloping Putts!


When it comes to improving our golf game, especially our putting skills, we are always on the lookout for that game-changing technique. Recently, we stumbled upon a video by Scratch Golf Tips that promised to revolutionize the way we approach sloping putts on the golf course. Intrigued and eager to up our putting game, we dove right in to discover what this technique was all about.

Unveiling the Secret Tip

As the video began, we were introduced to a simple yet effective tip that could potentially transform our putting performance on sloping greens. The key, according to the instructor, was to visualize the exact line of the putt by physically rolling the ball with our hand before addressing the ball with our putter.

Practicing with Precision

To help us practice breaking putts with precision, the video recommended using a ball marker and alignment rod. By setting up these tools on the practice green, we could work on aligning our putter face and body correctly to ensure a more accurate stroke when faced with sloping putts on the course.

Mastering the Technique

The core principle behind the technique was to focus on making every sloping putt a straight putt. By matching up our pace with the read and identifying a specific target point away from the hole, we could dial in the speed needed to conquer even the trickiest of putts.

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Sharpening Your Skills

One crucial piece of advice from the video was to avoid aiming the putter and our body directly at the hole. Instead, we were encouraged to concentrate on the target point to maintain a consistent stroke and improve our chances of sinking more putts on challenging greens.

Perfecting Your Game

By diligently practicing the technique and making slight adjustments to our setup and stroke, we could gradually enhance our ability to read sloping putts accurately and confidently. The video emphasized the importance of repetition and consistency in honing our putting skills to achieve better results on the course.


In conclusion, the game-changing technique presented in the Scratch Golf Tips video offers golfers a fresh perspective on tackling sloping putts with confidence and precision. By incorporating the visualization method, using alignment aids, and refining our approach to putting, we can elevate our game to new heights and enjoy more success on the greens.


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