European Tour Players Dominate in 2010

The poor play in 2010 of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson left the door open for some unlikely players to add new hardware to their trophy cases.  Phil did manage to win The Masters in April, but was diagnosed with arthritis later in the summer which forced him to limit his practice and physical fitness schedules thus hampering his effectiveness in tournament play and falling to #4 in the world.  All of Tiger’s problems seemed to be self inflicted in 2010.

Improve Golf Swing

Golfing is all about competing with you. There are many obstacles and hassles in the game which must be put into consideration such as; light, wind, golf course and many more. The success of the game depends on reaching the target end. Your muscles and your arm energy play their great part in performing the right swing. There is no need to become a powered man in an effort to achieve your goal, rather, the internal power and control is more necessary than external.

Correcting Slice

The slice ball is a kind of obstacle in the way to get good scoring in the golf game. When you are consistently striking the banana balls, it means that you really need to improve your game. This slice is not stroked by only an amateur but a professional player as well.

Golf Swing Improvement

There are many effective manners to improve the golf swing. One of the major shot in the game is to strike the ball at the far off distance to reach the green course. This is most important as it will lead to learn the other golf shots. When you learn to play this shot effectively, your confidence for other shots will boost up automatically. Your swing depends on the specific target end where you want the landing of the ball.

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