George Gankas Bump N’ Run Bunker Shot Strategy

Golf Tip 6 – Use a Good Golf Instructor As Your Coach

The true meaning of the things that the top coaches and top players try to communicate which are often quite the opposites. The average golfer often gets confused by the high level golf as well as its instruction.

Golf Tip 7 – Attempting the Impossible Might Be the Reason for Your Difficulty

A study on Bjorn Borg reveals that for every point he earned he had to put in a practice time of around 46 minutes approximately. This technique built up a strong foundation and made him believe in himself.

Golf Tip 4 – While Hitting a Shot a Top Class Player Shows the World His Internal Experiences

Unconscious competence experienced by pros and low level amateurs can be said to be the last destination of the journey of golf. This is one place which is aspired by all the players who want to reach the top.

Where to Land Your Chip Shot

One of the most important aspects of chipping is learning where best to land your shot on the green. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Follow this detailed article on where to land your chip shots in different situations.

Naming Some Of Nebraska’s Famous Golf Courses

Golf is a type of outdoor sports which is fun, relaxing and indeed, very challenging. It is a sport played by almost anyone even the young ones. When you play this type of sport, you need to be properly groomed and you need to have enough background on how to stroke and hit the ball well.

Golfers: Do You Play From the Right Set of Tees?

Golf is a difficult game. Regardless of the better clubs and balls we get to play with, you still have to hit the ball straight. And then there’s distance. Even though everyone is hitting the ball farther than they did twenty years ago, most golfers play a course that is too long for their ability.

Beginner Golf Tips For Left Handed Golfers

Life as a left handed person is all about accommodations. Most things were designed to be done and used by a right handed world. Golf is no different. The many tips and articles that are written about the game are usually dedicated to the right handed players. This article is dedicated to golf tips for left handed golfers.

Golf Tip – Alignment

There are a variety of ways to miss-align yourself in your pre-shot routine, causing incorrect swing path to the ball. In general, most right-handed golfers aim too far to the right (left handed golfers too far left) This causes the club-head to move outside the correct path and then across the ball (in relation to target line) in the downswing to compensate for the poor alignment. The result is often a loss of club-head speed and/or a pull and pull slice. A great misconception is that your body needs to be aligned to the target. In reality, your body needs to be aligned parallel to your target. Here are the key checkpoints for alignment.

The Golf Scoring Zone Is Twenty-Five Yards and In

You hear a lot about the scoring zone in golf, the place where your score really gets made (or not). Some people say it’s from 100 yards and in, there are books written about 60 yards and in. For the recreational golfer, it’s 25 yards and in.

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Tips To Fix Golf Slice

Most golfers are continually trying to improve their game. But one of the biggest issues standing in their way is a golf slice. Check out this article so that you can learn to improve and fix golf slice problems.

Drive Like A Pro With These 4 Golf Driving Tips

Ever wanted to hit the ball further than you currently do? This is a common thought that occurs in many golfers’ heads when their big swing fails to generate the distance that they intended it to. Driving is an important part of golf and you can improve your game with the following golf driving tips.

Striking A Ball With A Sand Wedge

In the game of golf, participants are obligated to come up with a fast analysis on the environment that might affect their shots. Gamers must pay attention to where the wind is coming from and how the wind can influence the ball. They must also learn to hit the ball thinking about the situations out on the course. Precision is necessary to make sure that the ball is hit in the direction of the hole and not just struck aimlessly. There are tons of obstacles out on a golf course and as a golf player one should know how to handle it.

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