The SIMPLE golf habits you NEED to copy for GREAT golf.

Enhance Your Golf Performance With Strong Shoulders

What do you do to hit the perfect golf shot? You hold the club with a strong grip, make sure that the posture is right, and concentrate on the ball before hitting it. But to tell you the truth, your job remains half-done if the ball swings to a direction you didn’t aim for.

Buying a Golf Bag

There are several different golf bag types and a number of things that you should be considering when purchasing a new golf bag, which will ensure that it will fit your golfing style. Every year new technology is being brought in and we see it taken and adapted to higher levels within the game of golf.

Learn to Keep a Steady Head in 30 Days or Less With a Simple and Daily 5 Minute Exercise

Any golfer can gain a steady head for their swing by getting instant tactile feedback on head movement without hitting golf balls. This simple exercise can be done in your bedroom for 5 minutes each day for 30 days or less to develop the necessary new muscle memory.

It’s Not All About Being a Long Hitter!

Too many golfers want to hit the ball 300+ yards every time straight down the middle of the fairway. Stop stressing about how far you hit the ball and use these pointers below to get the most out of your game and start beating the long hitter every time.

Improve Your Golf Swing With Two Basic Steps

Do you drastically need an improvement to your golf swing? Are you a beginner who is struggling to play better and simply gets frustrated each round?

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A Core Tip to Remember for Longer Drives

Pretty much every golfer would be lying if they said that they didn’t want to drive the ball further off the tee. There are hundreds of tips out there that could be the key to unleashing the inner beast and increasing your distance off the tee.

Make Your Stay And Play Golf Outing A Learning Experience With A Golf Swing Analyzer

Stay and play vacations can help you feel refreshed. Why not use this time to perfect your swings with a swing analyzer device?

The Different Golf Hybrid Covers For Your Golf Clubs

Even though you are allowed to have about 14 clubs when you go out golfing, it is not a requirement to have head covers. Avid golfers though, will ensure that they have covers for their driver, putter, hybrid clubs and fairway woods. There are covers available for other golf clubs as well as irons and they come in very many styles that you can choose from.

The Power of Selective Memory: Unlocking Your Natural Ability

One of the fascinating and frustrating aspects of golf is the plethora of contradictions that create mental barriers to improvement. Attempting to reconcile these beliefs prevents many golfers from realizing their potential. Avid golfers know that the game is ninety percent mental, yet the majority of instruction articles and videos are obsessed with proper technique. Traditional instruction is based on the premise, that you must have proper technique before you can develop a sense of “feel”, and yet, the more you think, the less you feel. How often have you been told to try and forget technique and just hit the damn ball?

Golf GPS Watches – A Buyer’s Guide

To start with, you might ask why invest in a Golf GPS watch. The reasons are ample. The first is to get an exact idea of the yardage. It is not uncommon to misjudge a shot when trying to gauge the distance by merely looking. Also, there could be accuracy issues with the yardage marker already installed on the course. Not being able to make a near-correct estimation of distance makes the difference between a birdie and a missed shot. With it you can calculate the distance back, front and center of the greens. You can get elevation readings as well as the overall course layout. This information can help the golfer choose the most appropriate club and swing for the shot. Thus, a Golf GPS watch makes a good substitute for an on-course caddy.

The Delusion of Perfection

Perfection is the ultimate goal in every sport. The secret to constant improvement is understanding the difference between consistency and perfection. How would you define a perfect shot? Are there any guarantees that a perfect swing will produce perfect results? A change in mindset from trying to “fix” an imperfect swing, to locking in the feelings of your best shots, could be the key for translating your knowledge into results.

Four Best Ways To Enjoy Golf With Stay And Pay Packages

Want to make your stay and play golfing into a memorable experience? We will tell you how you can do just that in four simple ways.

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