STOP SLICING THE GOLF BALL (Most Important Golf Tip of Your Life)

Golfers – How to Talk to Yourself In the Morning To Create More Success

One thing that unites all the greats in golf is a positive mental attitude. This article teaches a simple daily mental fitness exercise for golfers that will help boost self-image, establish a positive mental attitude, direct the mind to success. Discover how to empower your mind by creating a self-talk script.

Why It May Be Best Not to Emulate the Professional’s Putting Stoke

Watching old film of golfers of 50 years ago and more and comparing it to the putting stroke of golfers today, we can see that generally speaking quite a lot has changed. Today we see the long pendulum stroke where there is very little wrist action and the energy of the stroke comes mostly from the shoulders.

Putting a Golf Ball – Body Alignment Versus Putter Alignment

I am going to go against what many people who give advice on putting assume as almost accepted wisdom. A good deal of what you read about consistent putting is that you must have your feet, hips and shoulders perfectly parallel to the target line. This seems to be one of those things that are so obvious that little real reasoning is given as to why.

Golf Psychology Tip – Make Real Improvements at the Driving Range With the 80/20 Practice Rule

If you want to lower your score then it starts at the driving range. Many golfers practice ineffectively and as a result see no real improvements. This golf psychology tip reveals the 80/20 rule for getting the most out of your practice time so you can see positive changes on your scorecard.

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Golfers Understand the Power of Your Thoughts in 2 Minutes or Less

You don’t need a long, complex theory to explain how thoughts influence your performance on the golf course. This article explains the power of thought in less than 450 words.

Strengthening Your Basic Golf Swing Skills

Countless articles, videos, investments on implements like a gold cart cover and tutorials have been released, claiming to teach people how to perfect their swing and in turn, be an overall great golf player. Here are simple pieces of advice that should lead to a great golf swing.

Surge Protectors Will Save Your Golf Cart Battery Charger And Your Money!

I own a golf cart dealership located in North Florida. We sell and service golf carts, both electric and gas powered. At our dealership there are far more electric powered golf carts that we repair than there are gas. I would say we see about a hundred electric carts to every gas powered in our service department. The reason for the mass difference is due to our location. We are in North Florida. Flat without any hills North Florida. We are also in a State that has been very “go green” friendly. Hence, not really a high demand for gas powered golf carts for the not so hilly greens. And right along with every electric golf cart is the golf cart’s battery charger. We have walk-ins every week bringing us these chargers for us to diagnose. Sometimes the charger is just fine indicating that there is a problem on the golf cart which we then schedule for pickup. However, the majority of the time the initial plug in test indicates some sort of failure with the battery charger. There is a pretty good chance that the power surge demon attacked the battery charger.

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Autosuggestion – One Simple Phrase That Can Transform More Than Your Golf Game

For more than 100 years, autosuggestion has been used to transform people’s lives. This simple phrase can work wonders on your golf game too. Learn a simple way to train your mind for greater success on and off the golf course using autosuggestion.

How Power Questions Can Improve Your Mental Attitude on the Golf Course

Have you ever wondered why it can be a struggle to be positive on the golf course? This article answers that question and shares a mental golf tip that can help all golfers develop a positive mental attitude on the golf course.

Stop Getting Penalty Points For Your Golf Driving

Stop getting penalty points for your golf driving. Oh no, you have done it again. You have driven your ball across the fairway and deep into the rough. You know from where your ball has landed that the next shot will be difficult and you could lose one or more strokes trying to play your ball out and back onto the fairway.

Start Here And Now Putting Your Golf Game Together

Start here and now putting your golf game together. The long cold wet days are gone and the warm wind heralds in hot sunny days and long bright evenings. Now picture the scene. The sun is dipping low behind the tall fir trees as you approach the eighteenth green. A slight warm breeze ruffles through the trees and you breathe a deep sigh of satisfaction. Another great day of golf is nearly over.

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How Did I Miss That Putt?

How did I miss that putt? Do these words sound familiar to you, I’m sure they do. It has happened to every golfer who ever played a round of golf since golf was founded. There you are looking at your ball sitting two feet in front of the flag. It looks simple enough you think, I will sink this easily. You go through all the normal set up stances and practice swings with your putter. Now you are ready to put this ball in the hole.

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