Hit More Fairways in your Next Round! 3 Great Tips!

Get Your Golf Experience Off To a Good Start – Learn Proper Golf Swing Mechanics

Learning proper golf swing mechanics will help your golf experience to get off to a good start. You ultimately want to be a good golfer. Learning sound fundamentals will give you the tools you will need to improve as time goes on.

Golf Swing Power Is Easy When You Do This

In this article you’ll find out what you need to do to get more power in your golf swing. Longer golf drives can be yours with these golf tips.

Golf Driving Tips – Hitting the Ball Further Definitely Makes You Smile

It really is pretty simple- the further you hit the ball the better your golf game will be; so much for the difficult material. So now that y…

Correct A Slice – Want to Know How?

How to Correct a Slice – Have you been spending too much time in the woods lately? Does it seem like you’ve been here before? You get up to the first hole, put your ball on the tee and get the…

Correct Golf Swing – Can You Ever Have One?

Can You Master a Correct Golf Swing? Yes but only once you figure out the necessary chain of actions required from you. If you can incorporate this chain into your golf swing then everything wou…

Fix a Hook Once and for All

Shouldn’t this golf ball go straight and not crooked? When I hit it, it either goes to the right or the left. If you are hitting your ball to the left then you have a hook as known in golf terms. The opposite problem to a hook is a slice where you are hitting it to the right. How the ball travels depends on the position of the face of your club upon impact. When you are hitting a hook your club face is closed instead of open or squared. Here are some methods to fix a hook.

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Hitting the Ball Fat – Why Am I Doing This?

Great day out golfing with your buddies. You feel like this is going to be the day to break par. You set up the little white golf “monster” on the tee, bring back that club and swing away. But instead of smashing the ball right down the fairway you feel a “thud” prior to ball contact and your golf ball rolls right out in front of the tee. Your buddy yells “you just hit the ball fat”. You look at him like “What did he say?” Worse, you wonder what does he mean by that expression?

The Benefits of Trying a New Golf Putting Grip

Many golfers are quite traditional and stubborn. Instead of trying new techniques, they simply try to work on their current game over and over again. In some cases, creativity can pay off big when trying to improve your game. Some golfers never try a new putting grip. They don’t even think of trying a new one. They simply use the one they were taught initially, and work on other parts of their game like driving, pitching, sand traps, etc. The one characteristic that separates good golfers from average and poor golfers is the effectiveness of their short game. And the most important part of the short game is choosing the right putting grip and executing your putts.

3 Key Factors To Correcting A Golf Slice

It is such a shame that many golfers out there feel that correcting a golf slice is just too much of an impossible task. Don’t accept this, golf slicing does not have to be part of your game and it can be cured. Find out if a simple adjustment to your setup or golf swing could make all the difference.

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Golf Full Swing Practice Drills: Bring You in the Game

To hit the successful golf shot practice always required; here I have mentioned the golf full swing practice drills to lower your golf score. Learn step by step full swing drills instructions to lower your golf score.

How To Fix A Golf Slice Permanently

Ones of the biggest desires amongst amateur golfers is learning how to fix a golf slice. Find out if this simple adjustment to your setup position could cure you of that dreaded golf slicing affliction for good!

Tips On How To Improve Your Golf Chipping

The short game is very important, as most golfers know. In this article you will find plenty of short game tips to help your golf chipping. Around the greens you will find a few different approaches to golf chipping and type of shot to be executed. There are many ways and techniques to learn around the greens, not just one method.

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