GOLF: The Secret To Rotating Your Hips In The Downswing

The Secret To Rotating Your Hips In The Downswing
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When we look at how the lower body or the hips rotate during the downswing, there’s two key parts to the downswing movement. Number one is how much should I shift pressure or weight to my lead side during the downswing? And then part two is the rotation part. How much should I rotate? When should I do it and how should I do it? The secret to getting your downswing pivot right is marrying those two pieces together. Marrying those two together means my pressure is shifting forward as I’m turning.

Everyone’s afraid of the slide. What is a slide? My hips are going forward, my pressure or weight is going forward. What am I not doing? Turning! If I just get my right hip to rotate with it, I look like a tour star. You guys that slide don’t necessarily need to take out the left motion. You’ve got to add the turn.

The goal is to try to get my hips square and up over my left leg. I’m trying to get my hips, my right hip, even with my left hip in terms of the target and I’m trying to get my hips forward. I’m not keeping my hips back. I’m going forward with my hips up over my left leg. As a drill, I can take a golf club and put it across my hips. By the time I get to impact and pressing forward – by the time I get to my finish -I want the club even and I want to end up over my left leg.

You are absolutely under no circumstances supposed to shift your lead hip forward without turning. No one watching this should do that. What you are supposed to do is as you’re shifting forward, you’re turning.

None of you guys slice or hit bad shots because you have too much rotation. Every single golfer in the history of golf who plays well has a lot of turn. If you hit bad shots, you might have a really bad downswing pattern. You might have really bad risk condition or really bad grip. You do not hit bad shots because of rotation.

I want to get that message across that you are trying to shift pressure forward – really early. Don’t be shy with that! You can shift pressure really hard and early, so long as you turn with it.


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