In this tip, I teach you how to stop hitting behind the ball also know as fat or chunked shot with irons. Hitting behind the ball with a driver is called a drop kicked shot which this tip also fixes instantly.

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Hitting behind the ball is very common fault. Even better players hit this shot from time to time. It’s so frustrating because the ball always ends up short of the target. Drop kicking the driver on the other hand isn’t usually that bad because hitting the ground squares the face which creates a straight shot once the ball is hit but they can be embarrassing shots to hit.

Too many people are left scratching their head after they hit behind the ball. They try everything to stop them only to chunk it again a few holes later. What if there was a way to instantly fix fat shots. Well, there is. I’ve been teaching since 1991 and I have shown this cure for fat shots to countless golfers over the years.

Just watch this tip. The way I describe it actually rhymes so it’s easy to remember. The next time you hit behind the ball just apply this fix. You’ll see that you’ll instantly be able to fix them in the future.

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