Best Drill For An Effortless Golf Swing

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If you’re looking to build an effortless swing this is the best drill you can be doing. This drill takes your arms out of the swing. This is the first step in building an effortless golf swing.

Once you get the arms and hitting out of your swing you then speed it up with your body. If you have been hitting with the arms for years how do you ever stop hitting? Well, you have to take it down to nothing.

This drill is difficult for most people. I don’t think any student who has ever come to me has ever been able to do this on the first ball. If you find you are having trouble with it keep doing it until you can do it. This might take a few buckets, a week, a month etc. Whatever it takes keep doing it.

Once you master it you have successfully take your arms out of your swing and you are getting used to the feeling of the effortless swing. It is at this point you can speed it up by driving your lower body harder instead of hitting harder. You do this and you will finally hit the ball to your potential. You can do it.

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