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Mathematics and Golf Strategy

Most golfers try to hit the ball a long way whenever they see the room to. The trouble is that strategy leads as often as not to poor shots that wouldn’t have gained much even if they were successful. Instead, try planning the way you play a golf hole by doing the math.

Golf Game – The Five Games Of Golf

No that long ago golf was taught to be one swing with different versions. For example a 5-iron shot was taught as a ‘miniature drive’, a chip was taught as a miniature 5-iron swing and even a putt was taught as a miniature chip. If you’ve ever seen some really old golf footage this certainly shows with putting – it was incredibly ‘wristy’ and even the grip was the same as any other golf swing… This was known as the ‘unified swing theory’ and was taught to many golf students for around 50 years. There was only one problem with this theory. It was WRONG. It was actually never proved and probably came about through some golf-pro being mis-quoted in a newspaper and eventually became golf folk-lore. Modern teachers and golf professionals all now agree that there are FIVE games within golf.

Washington’s 201 Public Courses Give Golfers Access To State’s Most Scenic Landscapes

Washington golfers have 201 public and semi-private courses to choose from; some of those locations offer more than one course, bringing the total count to 218. This is a beautiful state; wildlife is plentiful, and most golf courses include a view of one or more snow-capped mountains. Green fees range from a few dollars to a couple of hundred, but those who know when discounts are offered will find bargains all across the state.

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Golf Swing Tips for the Female Players

Golf was always considered to be a man’s game but today, there are many women players who have taken to this sport professionally as well as for recreation. Though the basic rules are the same, there are some golf swing tips that are beneficial especially for women. Let us take a look at some of them:

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

Golf is a very interesting and highly addictive sport. But it is a little difficult to master too at the same time especially if you have just started playing. Achieving the perfect golf swing is the dream of every golfer and this requires a good understanding of the basic tips.

Top Golf Swing Tips and Mechanics

Accuracy is as important as speed in the game of golf. Unfortunately, most golfers tend to focus more on the latter than on the former which brings down the quality of their game. Improving your accuracy will enable you to achieve the perfect golf swing which is the best way to improve your performance each time on the grass.

Golf Swing Tips to Play Like a Pro

Achieving the perfect golf swing is every golfer’s dream. If you have not been able to do so, then it only means that you need to pay more attention to some basic tips. Mastering these golf swing tips will help you too to play like a true blooded professional.

Golf Swing Tips for Instant Improvement of Your Game

The right golf swing tips are the best way to bring a drastic improvement to your game. Paying attention to these tips can not only improve your confidence on the grass but also enhance the quality of your game. Being overconfident is probably the biggest mistake that you can make; so focus on that perfect golf swing to be a pro on the field.

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Exceptional Golf Ideas That Can Improve Your Game

Whilst the expert sport of golfing lacks the violence and noise of team sports, like hockey and football, it will challenge its players to blend their sustained physical power together with careful calculations as well as intense focus. To obtain an advantage with your competition, look at this choice of golfing suggestions and tricks.

Oregon’s 144 Public Golf Courses Include Many With Gorgeous Scenery

Oregon golfers have 144 public and semi-private golf courses to choose from; some of those locations have more than one course. The scenery can be gorgeous, and many Oregon courses offer the opportunity to see wildlife as well. Green fees vary from $3 to $225, but golfers who know when to go can find bargains all across the state.

Golf Tips – The Fundamentals Of Golf Putting

All of the great putters in world such as Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Padraig Harrington and Brad Faxon may have slightly different putting styles, but they all have many things in common – the golf putting fundamentals. In this article I am going to look at some (but not all) of the golf putting fundamentals, tell you why they are so important in the putting stroke, and also give you some tips to ensure you are getting these golf putting fundamentals right.

5 Golf Tips To Hit Longer Drives, Hit More Greens and Sink Longer Putts

Learn the top 5 golf tips that will instantly shave 5-10 strokes off your next round of golf. Learn how to fix some of the costliest mistakes in golf, and learn some of the simple but effective golf tips used by the pros.

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