SLINGERGOLF – “Swing Plane”… Up the Line View
Finding the perfect golf swing begins with proper practice techniques. The Slinger golf swing training club is a precision-crafted golf swing training club built to train your muscles to perform a correct golf swing, adding greater distance, accuracy, and consistency to your golf game. The Slinger training club teaches rhythm, tempo and timing, which combined with correct swing repetitions, are the keys to muscle memory and perfecting your golf swing. The Slinger training club provides precise, instant visual feedback of the ball’s trajectory to self-correct and accelerate your golf swing development. This revolutionary, portable swing training club allows you to train indoors or outdoors, year-round – at home, office, hotels, parks, etc. 24/7 Trusted and used by top teaching golf professionals, the Slinger golf swing training club is affordable and the lifelong answer to a great golf swing and a better golf game.

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