Tee’d Up Tip: Swing Plane

Tee’d Up Tip- Swing Plane

Whether you swing the club a little “Over the Top” or get the club “stuck” underneath the proper plane here is a very easy, non technical way to work on that and change your “feel”. If you aren’t sure which scenario applies to you, contact me for a session and analysis to help get you on the proper plane.

1-“Over the Top”-Most players fall into this category. For a right handed player, if your shots start left of target you are most likely outside or over top of your intended swing plane.
This is caused by your upper body unwinding faster than your lower body. To work on this set up normal to a shot. Drop your right foot back slightly and make swings trying to swing the club out to the right. The position of your hips will limit your upper body’s ability to unwind to early. Try to get the ball to start to the right of your target.

2-“Under the Plane”-If you hit a lot of shots that for a right hander starts right of your target you are most likely a little “stuck” or under the plane. This can be caused by your hips not rotating enough by the time you make impact. This makes the club swing from the inside-out. To change this feel, setup normal and drop your left foot back. When you swing you should feel your hips clear to face your target quicker than normal. You should see shots going higher and straighter.

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