Golf Clubs – Tips On Buying Your First Set

Purchasing your first set of clubs is a big step. Here are a few tips to consider when making that important step.

St George Is a Golfer’s Haven

Southern Utah, especially St. George Utah, has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the sunbelt. Many of the golf courses were designed by legendary designers, such as Matt Dye, Bill Neff, Keith Foster, Johnny Miller, and Fred Bliss. St George Utah truly offers golfing for every kind of golfer imaginable, from beginners to masters.

Golf Shirts Styles Play a Big Part of Today’s Golfer

When playing golf today you should look like a golfer even though you don’t play very well yet. In this article you will get some ideas how to dress the part while playing golf.

Golf Tips – How To Improve Your Putting Strike

In this golf tip I am going to explain why hitting your putts out of the ‘sweet’ spot is so important to ensure a consistent strike and give you a drill to help improve your ball striking with your putter. Every golf club including your putter has a ‘sweet’ spot. I’m sure you can remember hitting shots that just fly so sweetly off the club and go miles with little effort. That is when you’ve found the ‘sweet’ spot. But why is it so important to find the sweet spot when you are putting? In a word – consistency.

Winning the US Open Golf Championship

Winners of the U.S. Open receive the U.S. Open Golf Trophy, a monetary prize, and several opportunities for advancement and security within a golf career, such as: automatic invitations to participate in the other three majors for the next five years: Masters Tournament, British Open, and PGA Championship. Automatic invitation to participate in the Players Championship for the next five years…

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History of the US Open

The U.S. Open is the second of golf’s four major annual championships, on both the PGA and European Tours, presented by the United States Golf Association each year in mid-June, which positions its final round to take place on the third Sunday of the month (Father’s Day) as long as there are no weather delays.

Winning the PGA Championship

The PGA Championship Golf Tournament had begun in 1916 as an elimination match play event, meaning the winner was determined by the number of holes he won out of 36 holes – the first and second rounds were 18 holes each, all played in a single day, and the remaining matches were 36 holes. This format made it possible for an exceptional golfer to score an excellent average, and yet nevertheless lose a match on the first day of the tournament. In contrast, however, one awful hole would not completely destroy a golfer’s chance at victory since each hole offers…

History of the PGA Championship

Over 100,000 spectators attend the PGA Championship, affectionately called “Glory’s Last Shot,” as the final tournament of its PGA Tour, and the final major championship of the four during the professional golf season. Although the PGA Tour, an elite organization of golf tournament professionals, has been a separate organization from the PGA of America, an organization of club and teaching professionals, since 1968, the PGA of America still runs the PGA Championship and presents it each year. The tournament was originally established with the intention of providing professional golfers with a high profile tournament – partly to put to rest…

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My Lake Geneva Golf Trip Reviewed

Now that summer is here, I decided to go and do something that I have been wanting to do for some time now. That is take a small Lake Geneva Golf trip. For years, I have been hearing about golfing in that area, and I decided it was time to jump in my car and head north from Chicago so I could see what all of the fuss is about.

Golf Tips on Driving

Fix a Golf Slice: First of series of Golf Tips on Driving, explaining the reasons for a golf slice and how to cure it. A slice is caused by the club face being open at strike, and the secret is to close the clubface before hitting the ball.

The Rise in Status of Hybrid Golf Clubs – Golf Equipment at Its Best

Anyone fairly new to the game of golf is going to be knowledgeable about hybrid golf clubs. They now form part of everyday golf and the majority of golf bags will feature one or more of them. But it was not always the case.

Golf Instructions for Beginners – What to Learn First

Are you a newbie in golf world looking for guides? A good set of golf instructions for beginners must contain the like of getting to know the course, preparing the student for the game, giving a list of general rules and procedures of the game and giving instructions on what particular implement to use when performing a certain shot.

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