I Holed an AMAZING Golf Shot! #Break75

Golf Tips – When You Should Use a Golf GPS

It turns out that Global Positioning Systems (GPS’s) aren’t used just to locate people and vehicles. You can also use a Golf GPS to improve your navigation on the greens. Here are some of the main applications.

How To Choose High Tech Golf Equipment

If you are a professional golf player or you want to become one you have to buy yourself a high tech golf equipment. The basic in a high tech golf equipment is a set of golf clubs. It’s very important to choose the right type of golf club, this will help you to improve your swing and it will give you more flexibility.

The Fastest Way To Improve Your Golf Game

Conventional golf instruction and the golf industry in general have failed to help the average golfer improve over the last thirty years, and this has resulted in a lack of growth overall. Recent studies suggest that golfers can improve very quickly but learning how to keep better notes, records and statistics about their game.

Improve Your Game With These Golfing Tips For Beginners

If you have never played golf before and are considering taking up the sport, you will not only discover that the game is more fun than it looks but is also very addictive once you get started. Which brings us to getting started.

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