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Swing Your Best For Years To Come With These Time-Tested Strategies

Improving your golf game is accomplished by doing more than hitting the course as often as possible. If you do not take the time to learn some great golf tips, you are sure to continue to do the same things over and over that you do not like the results from. These tips were written to help you keep playing and improving your game for years to come.

Why and When a Wider Golf Stance Is Better

It can certainly be confusing knowing just how wide the golf stance should be. Most professionals will tell you that all things being equal the heels of the feet should be directly under the shoulders. This is considered a normal stance, but the question becomes, “should this be your stance distance on all shots”. There are advantages and disadvantages to wider and narrower stances, and as with most golf advice one size never fits all.

Golf Lithium Batteries: A Small Guide to Essentials That You Need to Know

Lithium batteries are quite common with the electric golf trolleys. Here are certain things that you should know about these batteries.

Should There Be More Golf on Mainstream TV?

It’s hard to criticise the superb coverage Sky have brought to golf which they are now applying expertly to Formula One. However, I do wish there was more golf shown on mainstream TV, even if it is a highlights package shown in the evening like there was back in 1979.

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2 Most Ignored Requirements to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Electric Golf Trolley Spares

Choosing an electric trolley is truly a wise decision but that does not mark an end to your responsibility of preparing well for the upcoming golf sessions. When you buy any golf vehicle, it is obvious that you are also accountable for its upkeep and storage. As a fact, just like other machines, even an electric trolley is prone to easy break down in case of careless or no upkeep at all. One of the critical upkeeping tasks is to upgrade the trolley with new spares in case the present ones appear to deteriorate.

Top 4 Golf Buggy Accessories to Consider for Beating the Unfavorable Weather

Golf accessories had always been a necessity for golfers who carry a golf cart. Often a golf cart never serve the complete requirement of the golfer without the accessories. There are quite lot of options available in the market to ease the sportsman in the course. Lets make the smart choice.

Tips to Maximize the Functioning and Lifespan of Electric Golf Trolley Batteries

Have you been in fuss regarding how to improve the life of your golf trolley battery? Well, yes. This is quite common. We purchase the best available in the market and fail to maintain it to get the maximum output from our lithium batteries. Here are my tips on how to help yourself with the batteries.

Ryder Cup 2014 – What Went Wrong for America?

The United States lost yet another Ryder Cup, and this really wasn’t surprising considering it was on foreign soil where the United States has not won since 1993. What was different about this one however was the ease at which the European team came out on top. Typically these Ryder Cup’s go down to the final matches on the last day, and typically that’s when Europe’s finest finds a way to win.

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Contrasting the Two Plane and Single Plane Swing

We have heard a lot from golf commentators and instructors on the term golf swing plane. To further complicate matters they talk about one-plane and two-plane swings. In this piece we would like to try to explain the difference between the two, as well as the benefits each have when implementing them into a golfer’s game. It can get rather confusing because the differences may seem quite subtle.

Top 5 Golf Buggy Accessories Acting As Protective Covers

Its natural to get tempted in adding accessories to your golf buggy for maximum comfort. There are lots of products available to get more ease with the tools and things you love to carry in your golf course. Well, lets get them prioritized according to the need and its worthiness. Here is our suggestion.

Golf Needs A Shot of Emotion

It’s not that courses are closing, or equipment isn’t being sold, or retail stores are firing pros. Golf is in a decline because people are not finding the connection to the game. The emotion is gone from the game and the game needs to get it back before it’s too late.

Recovering the Dead Golf Lead Acid Batteries

You will be using different types of golf batteries for your carts/buggy. It’s always been difficult to maintain the life of the golf batteries to increase its life span. The reason being, we are not known the do’s and don’ts. With proper guidance they turn to have a very good life and performance. Here is some of my experience in how you can recover a dead golf lead acid battery.

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