I’m entering The Open Qualifier BUT need this lesson..

Upon entering The Open Qualifier, they realize the importance of a valuable lesson that will significantly impact their performance.


Rick Shiels, a renowned figure in the golfing industry, is on a mission to transform the way golfers approach and play the game. Through his inspirational YouTube channel, Rick provides a blend of golf equipment reviews and expert instruction aimed at assisting golfers in elevating their skills and overall enjoyment of the game. His dedication to helping players fix common issues like slices and hooks, hit longer drives, and enhance their putting techniques has garnered him a loyal following within the golfing community.

The Journey to The Open Qualifier

As Rick prepares to participate in the prestigious Open Qualifier, he finds himself facing a crucial lesson that could potentially make or break his chances at achieving a personal milestone. Acknowledging the significance of this tournament, Rick dives headfirst into honing his short game skills, an area identified as crucial for tournament success.

Collaboration with Short Game Coach

To boost his chances of success at the Open Qualifier, Rick enlists the expertise of renowned short game coach, Dan Grieve. Together, they embark on a journey to enhance Rick’s short game prowess, focusing on crucial aspects like confidence, shot variety, and mindset when approaching short game shots. Dan’s unique coaching style challenges Rick to transition from a purely technical approach to a more holistic and strategic mindset.

The Shift to Visual and Strategic Thinking

With Dan’s guidance, Rick begins the transformation from a mechanical mindset to a more visual and strategic approach to playing short game shots. Emphasizing the importance of soft hands and a fluid turn through the shot, Rick refines his chip and run shots, aiming for precision and control in every stroke.

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Embracing Challenges and Growth Opportunities

Throughout this transformative journey, Rick embraces challenges as growth opportunities, pushing himself beyond his comfort zone to expand his skill set and elevate his performance on the course. By adopting a growth mindset and leveraging Dan’s expertise, Rick is primed to tackle the Open Qualifier with renewed confidence and a sharpened short game arsenal.


In conclusion, Rick Shiels’ quest for improvement and excellence exemplifies the spirit of dedication and perseverance essential in the world of competitive golf. As he prepares to take on the Open Qualifier with a newfound focus on his short game, Rick showcases the relentless pursuit of mastery that defines elite athletes. Through collaboration, mentorship, and a commitment to continuous growth, Rick sets a prime example for aspiring golfers striving to reach new heights in their game.

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