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Start Swinging With Your Body (Instantly) - Golf Tips & Videos

Start Swinging With Your Body (Instantly)

Here I’m showing you a couple of students who start swinging with their body instantly after doing my favorite drill.

So I have a drill that will get you to start using your body instantly. This means you need to start doing this drill immediately so you get your body moving too. The true power in the swing comes from using your legs and hips to hit the golf ball. Once you see that you too can start swinging with your body instantly too you need to keep doing this daily.

To start swinging with your body instantly takes work. I am not going to say this will be mastered in a few swings. This will show you that you can get into the same positions as pros through impact instantly. It’s up to you to keep doing it so you always use your body to hit the ball.

You do not need to go to the range to do this drill. You can start swinging with your body instantly at home doing practice swings. See why this is my favorite drill? It makes a huge difference to your swing. Get this and you will hit the ball longer than ever.

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In this tip I'm talking about my Favorite drill so if you don't know my Favorite drill is holding the club up in The air doing practice swings we're Doing that because if you hold the club Up in the air there's no ball to hit if You're not thinking hit the ball now you Can feel your legs and hips Making the golf club swing And that's what we're trying to do we're Trying to hit the ball with our legs and Hips not our hands and arms so if the Ball's on the ground there's always that Thought in your mind to try and hit that Ball And hit it hard so I'm trying to get you To remove that thought think differently Well how do we do that well you got to Be doing another power source you got to Have another power source in your swing Which is your legs and hips so you hold The club up in the air And every single day you do practice Swings holding it up in the air so we're Holding it up here About knee-high and we do practice Swings up in the air All right so ideally you'd want to do One or your first swing kind of slow Listen to the sound of it so you want to Use a driver Listen to the Swoosh Then every other swing you make it sound Faster and faster okay so then you're

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Going to gradually Build It Up over time Now why I'm explaining this tip again is Because recently I had a couple students Come out here And I talked to them after we did the Drill and they were fine with me showing Everyone the difference between their Before swing And they're after oh well as they were Doing the drill swing so I filmed them When they got here So we're going to take a look at that And then I've had them do the drill and Film the drill as well So what you're going to see is a Dramatic difference between what they Were doing before and what they were Doing when they were doing the drill so If they look a lot better doing the Drill then that's why I need you to do This drill like constantly got to get Good at it it takes thousands and Thousands of repetitions until you start Learning how to use your legs and hips To hit the ball All right so let's take a look at the First student here So here she is you can see she's gonna Make her way up to the top here Now coming down you take a look at this You see how she's flat footed right There and you don't see the forward Cheek as she's hitting the golf ball All right so now let's take a look at

The at the drill okay so holding it off The ground she goes up to the top Now as she's coming down you can see Right here that the heels coming off the Ground and there's the left cheek right There All right so as you can see That lady was doing great so it looked a Lot different Than when she first got here so that was Her actually getting a feel for how to Use the body All right now let's take a look at this Gentleman So this gentleman here he had a pretty Good swing uh you know he didn't hit the Ball short he was hitting it actually Pretty well but can make him hit a lot Better by getting more body into it so As you see he's at the top now he comes Down he's just basically facing the ball As he hits the ball All right now let's take a look at the Drill so with the drill I had him do the Drill with driver This was later you Know he was here for a few days so this Is later on in the in the lesson so he Hits the top now watch as he starts Coming down You can see he's starting to turn the Hips club's following there's the cheek You can see the forward cheek and the Heel is off the ground All right so that is more like the

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Position of a pro right there All right so you see those two students So if I can Take a student that is not using the Body Show them the drill and that gets them Using the body Do you see why that is my favorite drill That gets someone to actually start Feeling the body working All right so and and don't get me wrong This is instant like as soon as you Start lifting the club up in the air and Doing the swings you start doing it So you like meaning you start using your Body So if hitting the golf ball is with your Body I've got a drill that allows you to Feel your body then you want to do that Drill constantly okay so it's hold the Club up in the air About knee-high now don't drop the club Okay this is what everyone does I get Them starting up here and in two seconds They're doing it down here again it's Like no We're holding the club up in the air Because we need to take the ball out of The pitcher you don't want to be Thinking of hitting anything up in the Air there's nothing there So you're taking it back Then you're feeling your legs and hips Making that club swing

Start out slow listen to the sound of The first one and try to make every Other swing faster than the first one All right you'll see that your hips will Start to move Club will be following and that's what's Going to create that whipping action of The club which gives us a lot more Club Head speed all right so hopefully you Understand now Why that's my favorite drill And why I need you to do it like Literally thousands and thousands of Times So you get good at using your body I Truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing

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