How to paint realistic easy grass with acrylic paint for beginners step by step lesson 4

How to paint realistic easy grass with acrylic paint for beginners step by step lesson 4

You will learn how to paint a stormy landscape with foliage, highlight your grass and add twiggs with acrylic paint, you will learn how to use your liner brush, this is lesson 4 even though I said lesson 3 by mistake..

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Learn how to paint this landscape with , trees, water, and beautiful flowers, easy techniques step by step.

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Here’s a tip:

Always have your Primary Colors ready:

(Red, Yellow and Blue,) and have Black and White, you can also have green and brown if you don’t want to mix your own..

See my Blog for the most used colors by professional artists, and best brushes to use..

Another tip:

Have a Flat Bristle brush, Flat Sable brush, Liner brush, on hand you can do a full painting with just a couple of brushes..

Extra brushes to have on hand are:

Fan Brush
Filbert Brush
Angular Brush

Get at least 3 sizes in each brush, small, medium and large.

Art Supplies:


Easy step by step techniques to learning how to paint and draw landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, flowers and so much more with Acrylic Paint, for the beginner..FULL Lessons here:

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