GOLF BACKSWING TIP – Stop Laying It Off or Crossing The Line

Here’s a great golf backswing tip to help you fix the very top of your backswing. This will help you stop laying the club off or crossing the line at the top.

The top of the backswing sets you up in a great position so you don’t have to have other flaws or compensations as you come down to hit the ball. So if you are out of position I would highly recommend you watch this golf backswing tip and start getting into perfect backswing position.

Laying The Club Off

This is typically due to picking the club up or making a lazy swing as you go back. This can cause swinging from over the top, pulls, pull hooks and pull slices that are lacking in distance.

Crossing the Line

This is better than laying it off but can also create some poor shots such as coming over the top, swinging too much from the inside hitting pushes and hooks.

This is not to say there haven’t been great pros with both of these top of the backswing positions. The things they are pros who have repeated those swings hundreds of thousands of times. For you, I want you to have a great golf backswing and stop playing it off or crossing the line. This tip will help you do that.

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