Unlock Power in Your Golf Swing Like Sam Burns: Sam Burns Swing Analysis

In this video, I’m sharing with you an analysis of the golf swing of Sam Burns. Sam Burns has won 5 times on the PGA TOUR, and has been ranked Top 10 in the world for a number of weeks. Known for his powerful swing, this swing analysis will help you unlock power in your own golf swing.

If you’re looking to lower your scores and hit the ball better, then this swing analysis is for you! By understanding the swing mechanics of Sam Burns, you’ll be able to power your way through the golf course like a pro!

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Today we are looking at the golf swing Of Sam Burns five-time PGA Tour winner With all five of those wins coming in The last two calendar years uh spent a Lot of time in the top 10 of the world For the world golf rankings this is one Of the most promising golfers and I Wouldn't even say promising at this Point with five PGA Tour wins in the Past few years he's he's dominant hasn't Really shown up in Majors yet but I Think I have the inkling that he will do So and I'll tell you what this is just a Such a nice golf swing that many amateur Golfers can learn a lot from so let's Break it down and talk about what any Golfer can learn from the golf swing of Sam Burns let's start off with the Takeaway Burns's takeaway goes Immediately outside of the ball it's a Very wide Arc that he creates when he Takes that club back and what this Really helps with is allowing you to not Come over the top if you're really Coming inside and you have a steep Takeaway then when you're coming over The ball what your body is going to Inherently want to do is have an out to End swing path and that creates a slice By having that wide takeaway Burns is Just putting him hit himself in a very Good position to work away from a slice And I think that's something that a lot Of amateurs look away from when trying

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To fix their slice or whatever ball Striking issues they have the takeaway Can be a really great place to start and Watch how you're putting yourself in a Potentially bad situation through Transition just from having a poor Takeaway so widening on the takeaway Like Burns does in these videos you're Seeing can be a great benefit for you in Just setting up your swing better now Once that takeaway is through the top of Sam Burns backswing is absolutely Beautiful in my opinion there's so much To like it just seems effortlessly Perfect to me his front arm that left Arm is perfectly straight wrapping Around his body there's no no flexion of The wrist at the top of the backswing Which again we've seen players be Successful with but a lot of great Players do not have any wrist flexion at The top of that backswing and the upper Body rotation from Burns is absolutely Massive he must have incredible Flexibility you can see in all these Videos Burns is a strong guy he hits the Ball a mile but that upper body rotation Is absolutely Bonkers to me that a human Being can even do that it's it's super Impressive and there's just so much to Like about that position right before Transition obviously that upper body has Such a massive turn that the lower body Is comparatively fairly quiet but he

Doesn't really need all of that movement In the lower body to generate power Because that upper body can do it and That wide swing Arc can also generate a Lot of speed so I wouldn't say that it's You know there's barely any lower body Action but it's it just pales in Comparison to that upper body action but The strength and swing speed of burns Lets him get away with it one thing that Burns has said in some interviews which I find very interesting is that he has a Swing feeling through transition of his Pelvis moving downward and what that Will allow him to do is have easier Rotation which is especially important For a swing like Sam Burns who has also Gone on record to say that he doesn't Have a handsy swing and when he wants to Release the club that doesn't happen Through the hands for him he actually Has gone on record to say that it comes Through his body rotation so his Club Face just follows what his body is doing This is contrary to many golfers who Like to feel a draw in their right hand Where they can really feel themselves Release the club or if they want to hit A fade they can open up their hands and Manipulate the club face burns doesn't Do any of that he just puts that club Face in sync with his body so that Through transition if his body is Rotating properly and he's synchronized

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Throughout the Gulf swing the club face Is simply going to follow and having That pelvis feel like it's working Downward into the ground is just his way Of leveraging the ground creating some Downward pressure where his body Rotation can inherently square that face At impact it's certainly a unique move But it's just an interesting perspective On the move through transition and Club Face control and it's not something that You hear about a lot so it's certainly Interesting that someone like Sam Burns Has had so much success with it let's Also take a look at what burns does over The ball as a pre-shot routine the Posture is obviously good Phantom Alignment is good and you see he has That half take away which we've seen Become really popular on tour just Rehearsing that takeaway and one thing That burns does at the end of that Rehearsal is he he looks back at his Club when it's right around hip height And this is a way for him to check where That club face is in his hands and it's A way to ensure that the club face Before he even takes the swing back Before he starts to swing at all this is His way of making sure that the body is Already synced up to the club face so we See guys like Justin Thomas Xander Shaffley do a similar move uh for those Of you who are struggling with the

Takeaway and uh we spoke earlier about Widening up the takeaway having this Move and implementing it into your Pre-shot routine can be super beneficial To your ball striking just because it's A checkpoint that you can do literally Seconds before you actually go through The motion itself and then obviously Burns goes through with a Tempo that I Think is probably if you timed it out Fairly similar to uh the average Tempo That we see out of the PGA Tour guys Um nothing to dislike about it he's Obviously wickedly powerful with that Upper body turn and that strength so I'll tell you what if you have the Flexibility at home to get that type of Upper body turn like Sam Burns does Absolutely try and implement it in your Swing and heck you might hit them about 30 yards further as always I'm curious To hear your thoughts on the golf swing Of Sam Burns because I inherently lean To look at certain things that catch my Eye but you all at home may see Something different or disagree with Some things with me which is totally Fine I'd love to hear your thoughts on The comment section down below if you Enjoyed this video please leave a like Rating it helps YouTube show this Content to more people who will find it Helpful it also helps me see what kind Of content you are all enjoying I really

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