In this video Dave Mackinnon PGA Pro helps you HOW TO HIT YOUR DRIVER STRAIGHT using just 2 very SIMPLE TIPS. This video will help you hit more fairways and lower your score.
Are you fed up of missing fairways or failing to capitalise during a good round?
Do you wish you could hit more FAIRWAYS?
Just want to have more FUN?
Well this video filmed at Chorlton Cum Hardy Golf Club will really help.

Tip 1 “Find the middle of the club face more often by SWINGING SLOWER”
This is fastest way of increasing ACCURACY & DISTANCE whilst reducing that devastating SLICE or HOOK in your GOLF SWING.
On the range practice hitting your driver only 150 yards finding the middle of the club face, then increase the SPEED to ensure that nice SMOOTH takeaway & COMPLETE THE BACK SWING.
REMEMBER that POWER is required at IMPACT.

Tip 2 “Use this TIP to improve TEMPO”
GRIP the driver upside down, take your STANCE.
SMOOTH takeaway.
Hear the WOOSH on the way down.


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