THIS Athletic Motion RUINS Golf Swings

Getting in Your Pre-Shot Mindset for Perfect Golf Putts

Most golf players and experts agree that golf is a largely mental game. Having the right mindset is crucial for success on the golf course, particularly when putting. There are several key points that will help you attain the appropriate mindset for perfect golf putts, the first of which is preparation. If you have spent time with a qualified instructor and have practiced diligently, you can be confident in your skills and ability. Even if you are new to golfing, any preparation at all will help to ease anxiety on the green.

Golf Lessons – How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball

Often a golf player needs the ball to stop quickly after it lands. Putting backspin on the golf ball is a great way to achieve this result. Using backspin can result in a shot that quickly draws back five to ten feet after landing. Backspin is particularly helpful when hitting a pitch and stop shot over obstacles between you and the green, or when the pin is towards the back of the green with a steep slope behind it.

TaylorMade Burner Ladies Irons for Female Golfers

Women are delicate creatures and approach requires delicacy. The taylormade burner ladies irons plus, are designed to accommodate females with 10 plus handicap ratings. This also applies, if the female has a Burner driver with appreciated qualities. This also serves as a one of the most agreeable and beneficial device on the market, if golfers are constant addicts for hitting the clubs iron.

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Acer XK Pro Golf Iron: Basic Features

The Acer XK Pro golf iron is an invention that possesses extraordinary model features of fine workmanship in modern day golf club designs. The equipment offers all the comfortable and agreeable features in a golf club, along with other mind blowing benefits.

Revolution in the Golf Clubs

In the past there were only 4 to 5 major golf clubs brands and you didn’t have much choice at that time. But with the evolution of new technology and new brands you can now choose the golf equipment according to your own choice and comfort.

Golfers – Do You Have to Hit It Hard to Hit It Far?

Say you have a room full of people and you want to find out which ones play golf. All you have to do is say, “Who would like to know an easy way to hit a golf ball farther?” The ones who raise their hands before you’ve even finished the question are the golfers. Hitting a golf ball along way is fun with a capital F, and it’s easier to play golf by hitting 8-irons into greens instead of 5-irons, isn’t it? But how do you hit it farther?

Perfect Your Golf Swing in Slow Motion

Your golf swing is the product of lessons, your own explorations, and hard work. Keeping track of all its components is the trick, and the swing goes awry because something gets left out. There’s a practice technique that allows you to monitor your swing to ensure that everything happens that’s supposed to happen, and at the right time. That’s slow-motion swinging.

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Simple Golf Swing Lessons

Golfing is a game that is highly engaging. To be able to learn to play golf properly, you have got to know the techniques, observe how the others play and then practice the game on your own. You will need someone to teach you the techniques.

Get Rid Of Your Golf Putting Yips

As an amateur starting out in your golfing career, you may have heard about a condition known as the yips. There’s a good chance, unless you were already familiar with the game, that you had no idea what these yips were or are. The yips may be a problem for many people, but they are not one that is talked about that often.

4 Simple Pointers on How to Hit a Draw in Golf

Hitting a draw is not as hard as you think. To make a draw shot, the player must practice religiously by using a stance that is a little bit wider than the usual…

Tips To Buy the Best Electric Golf Trolley

If you are fond of playing golf then you will have all the required equipments with you. You will want to get the best of everything to get better at the game. You will want to get the best golf clubs and to make thing even better you should also consider buying a golf trolley.

The Proper Golf Club Grip Means a Lot to Your Perfect Golf Swing

It is on this ground that I establish the assertion that a good hold or proper golf club grip means a lot to your golf swing. Golf is a recreational game that requires a lot of dedication with consistent practice. At any point in training a firm club grip is often emphasized.

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