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Learning The Proper Golf Swing

Lets say you want to play golf, but your swing is horrendously bad. What do you do? Do you give up on the sport and do something else? No! With the following guidelines, you can turn your utterly pitiful swing to a more decent and proper golf swing.

Want to Lower Your Golf Handicap? The 3 Most Effective Ways to Achieve It

So, you want to lower your golf handicap? Well, you are not alone! Millions of golfers want to achieve this but how to get there. There is always stacks of advice available but three particular strategies have always worked for me. Take a look at these tips – they should make a difference to your game.

Mental Mind Slump And Dump

Be mentally prepared with a clear mental mind focused on your golf game. Get rid of your mind slump and be absolutely ready to play your best golf strokes to shoot a low handicap. Dump all feelings of being in a mental slump and golf better.

Acquiring the Correct Mental Golf Game

Golf is a challenging game that tests you in more than just one way. While your physical prowess is called to test, so too is your technical expertise and finesse. In tandem, these traits each play a role to help you emerge victorious over the greens and fairways.

Use Golf Ball Reviews to Find the Best Golf Ball for Your Game

Many golfers have a misconception that using the same golf ball that pro golfers use will help improve their game. This is only true if you are at the necessary skill level. You need to be a solid striker of the golf ball who can draw and fade shots along with being able to stop approach shots on the green. Golf ball reviews are beneficial in telling you which type of ball is best suited for your game.

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Keys To Creating A Solid One-Plane Swing

Golf swings fall into one of two basic types. With a one-plane swing, the golfer bends over more and swings around her body. With the two-plane swing, the golfer stands upright more and shifts her weight from back to front. Both have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to improving a golf handicap and both can be improved with hard work. The key is to find which type of swing suits you best, and then mastering its keys. This article provides golf tips on the one-plane swing.

The Golf Swing and How It Affects Your Score

There are a few variables that affect how well you play on a golf course. However, the most vital part to remember is the golf swing. If you are looking to drastically improve your score the next time you are out on the course, it is worthwhile to pay attention to this facet of your game.

Sandbagger Golf Shoes for Women – The Bestselling Sandbaggers of 2011

Sandbagger golf shoes for women are very comfortable and fashionable. They are perfect for lady golfers who are serious with their game and are very trendy. Most women who play golf are as conscious on how they look on the course as they are with improving their game.

Golf Instruction: Your Own Golf Teaching and Drills Book: “My5rules”

If you listen to good players or to Golf Playing Professionals when they give interviews then they all tell you the same. They all keep records of their game and individual practice sessions with and without their Teaching Pro. They do it because they know that they cannot have their Teaching Pro on their side every day to help them if they do not hit the ball or play as well as they want to.

The Best Putter for You

What’s the best putter for you? Putting frustrates golfers, no matter what their level, more than any other element of the game. How many times have you heard a pro claiming during his post round interview that he played well but just didn’t get the putting working or that his putter was cold?

Tips To Improve Your Stance and Your Backswing So You Can Hit Your Clubs With More Consistency

We are coming into the Golf season. Take out your golf clubs, inspect them and clean them up so we can be ready for the upcoming season. Whether you are a beginner, a novice, an amateur, or someone who considers them self a good golfer, I will venture to say that there may be something you can learn that will always help you to play better golf.

The 5 Best Putters For Your Short Game

A golfers game doesn’t get more personal in the short game than their putter. That’s why this year manufacturers have really stepped up their game and created putters that enhance golfers putting and short game skills.

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