Be Careful With The Takeaway

The takeaway is the start of the golf swing. This tip explains you need to be carful with the takeaway. I say this because as people come for lessons as well at me watching people hit golf balls at the range there are a lot of people taking the club back wrong. If you take it back wrong you are making more difficult, if not impossible, to be in a great position at the top of the backswing.

I teach a rotational swing so you need to take the club with your body in a rotational manner. The opposite would be taking it back by see sawing your shoulders. Do this and you are in position to do the golf takeaway I am wanting you to do.

Watch this tip then be careful with the takeaway. If you do, you will find it so much easier to hit great shots because you will be in a way better position at the top of the backswing.

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In this tip I want to talk about the Takeaway so some of the people I see That come out here are doing the Takeaway a little bit wrong so I want to Just kind of explain that so we don't Get into a wrong position in the early Stages of our swing so as you know Hopefully you know you need to be taking The golf club back in a one-piece action So what is a one piece well imagine I've Got my arms and then the golf club that Would form a letter y Well instead of breaking the letter Y Immediately I want you to take the club Back maintaining that letter y All right you can see I'm working it Back as a letter Y right here just off My back leg letter Y and then it's going To continue to the halfway back point All right so a lot of people know that a Lot of people are working on that but You know I get some people working the Letter Y back but they go like this Okay because maybe they're trying to Look at it or just not quite Understanding how the letter Y goes back So if you didn't notice my whole body as I did that Was leaning forward towards the target So if you do something like that You are going to be doing a reverse Pivot by the time you get to the top of Your back swing all the weight is on my Wrong leg at the wrong time now my whole

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Body is going to have to go backwards Just to even make contact with the ball Now my swing's going like this sideways Instead of Circular All right so If you're working on the takeaway it's a Rotation of your body Your body rotating is moving your arms Okay so it's not like a seesaw like this Shoulders aren't going up and down it's Like a helicopter they're going around So you have to do the takeaway with the Rotation of the shoulders going more Around as opposed to up and down so here Here we are right here so if I'm going To do my takeaway I look like this Okay I'm still going around I'm not going up and down see where my Head is right here see I'm not going Like this that would be my head moving Forward I'm going like this my head's Moving back Back as I'm doing this Just very slightly in the takeaway but You know it because we've only taken the Club back two feet but at least it's Starting to make that move as opposed to Doing one of those You know you do that you're going to see Your head move forward a couple of Inches and that's a huge huge problem so Let me do it from down the line here So here's what I'm doing I'm going like

This now all I'm doing I'm working the Shoulders back this way around Around it's only a little bit because We're only right here I'm not going Like that Okay or shoulders like a seesaw I'm not Doing that you do that you are in big Trouble Okay you're gonna be way too steep You're going to do a reverse pivot so It's around then club's gonna go up to The top All right so check your takeaway just Look at it in the mirror Watch yourself in a mirror watch the Side of your head right here if you do This you're going to see your head go This way ahead of where it started then You by the time you hit the top you're Gonna look like this It's pretty easy to see that that's Going to be wrong So then Do another takeaway feel like you're Going around with your shoulders And then understand that that's the way You want to do the initial takeaway keep It coiling as you get to the top of the Backswing All right very important that you check That because if you're doing it wrong You know there's no way on Earth You're going to develop a great swing I

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Truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing