Scottie Scheffler’s Golf Swing: What you Can Learn From It!

In this video, we analyze Scottie Scheffler’s golf swing, and share the most teachable aspects of it with you. Scottie Scheffler is a former World #1 and clearly one of the best golfers on earth right now, after winning numerous professional tournaments throughout a torrid 2022 season. By watching this video, you can learn a lot about how to improve your swing and lower your scores.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to improve your golf swing, be sure to check out this video of a full Scotttie Scheffler swing analysis. His swing will show you how to improve your move through weight transfer, transition, release positioning, and more!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in this Is George Connolly with scratch golf Tips and today we're going to be looking At the golf swing of Scotty sheffler Major Champion multiple time winner on The PGA tour and obviously world number One formerly he may take it back I Wouldn't be surprised if he did Um obviously shuffler has an interesting Move not one that is necessarily Teachable but there are absolutely Aspects of it that are teachable and Some you know Notions of the golf swing And the mechanics that certainly can be Learned from when looking at shuffler's Move so the first thing to obviously Look at is what is most commonly noticed About Scotty shuffler swing which is the Foot slide that right foot that trail Foot sliding forward beginning right Before impact and then the sliding Continues as he comes through the ball One thing I do want to note about this Is this is a move that you may see from Someone who's very new to golf did a big Difference between that person and one Of the greatest golfers in the world Right now Scotty sheffler is Scheffler Is always very balanced through the Follow-through which is actually pretty Difficult to do when shifting the weight Like he does in sliding but unless he's Doing one of his crazy follow-throughs Which we'll talk about later on he's

Always so balanced and the result of That foot slide is because in the Takeaway here you can kind of you can See it very well from this caddy view He he takes there's so much power and Pent up energy in that takeaway he's so Flexible and long all of the power comes Rotationally in that takeaway so once The transition starts and right before The release of the club and the impact Of the ball at that point all of his Power and all of the generation of power The work is done so basically all he has To do is come through the golf ball with The hands and then because all that work Is done that back foot just kind of goes Limp and and slides through the golf Ball because it he doesn't need to Continue to push off of that like some Of those other golfers who are a little Bit smaller in stature who really Leverage the ground through impact Shuffler does not do that because he's a Big guy strong guy obviously super Flexible as we can see at the top of That backswing so that's the reason why Scheffler has that foot slide because The work is really done before that you Know before that foot begins to slide so If that sounds like your swing then you Can try you can try and do it I wouldn't Really say you know hey next time you're At the range start sliding your Trail Foot that's not really how it works I'm

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Sure this is just a result of what Shuffler's mechanics already were this Isn't necessarily something to implement But when doing a swing analysis of Scotty shuffler you certainly can't Overlook it next let's talk about the Takeaway and the move through transition I've done some swing analysis of golfers Who don't have high hands through the Swing I talked about Nelly Corda Max Homer who certainly aren't flat through The swing but they don't have their Hands as high as a Justin Time Thomas or Xander shaffley or as we see here a Scotty sheffler Scheffler has the high Hands which allow for a lot of power Creates a great deal of width through The golf swing which is pretty Consistent among some of the world's Best ball Strikers and he also has a Very upright uh tall swing plane he uses His posture to benefit the swing plane And you know on the screen right now You're seeing a few different shot Shapes and no matter the shot shape Those hands are staying High obviously With the draw they might come in just a Little bit lower because he has to Flatten out the golf swing get that Plane to where he needs it to be and We'll talk again a little bit about his Shot shaping later on but having those High hands and having an upright swing Plane is always a safe bet for a

Teachable golf swing and I again I know That the sliding of the foot is Certainly an odd Quirk of the Swing but You look right before the sliding of That foot and it's just such a beautiful Technical golf swing that it almost Reminds me me of um you know these older Like the the Jack necklaces who just Have this powerful big man power in Their golf swing and it really does come From that positioning at the top of the Backswing so there's a lot to like about That aspect of Chef for swing and I Think that's actually kind of often Overlooked in shuffler swing because so Many people focus on the footwork but That that aspect of the Swing is Certainly not to be overlooked I'd also Like to talk about scheffler's shot Shaping and the way that he can adjust His swing and follow through to match That shot shaping it's certainly Exaggerated compared to a standard Golfer but it's something to absolutely Learn from so if you've watched uh Scheffler on TV coverage especially when He's hitting a larger draw which for the Right-handed golfer like shuffler is a Right to left flight you you've probably Seen him have some pretty awkward Finishes where he really swings that Club all the way across the body he kind Of turns the hands over the right wrist Collapses in order to encourage a more

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Strong release at the ball which creates That ball flight uh it it can look Awkward but he is a great shot shaper Here you see him hitting a low draw he Does you you can absolutely notice the The the strong right hand coming through The ball which will allow that club face To shut down and when that club face Struts down then you get a really Exaggerated ball flight which is Something that shuffler's learned to do Pretty well this is also something that Justin Thomas does but he he looks very Different when he does it you don't see Justin Thomas have those finishes but Justin Thomas can really hit that sling Draw well it's what helped him win the Players a few years ago so and then on The fade you almost see kind of that Arnold Palmer ask follow through where The hands come up a little bit over the Head it is obviously the antithesis of The draw follow through that shuffle has Because you know if you want to hit a Big fade you got to do the opposite of What you have to do for a big draw but Again what is very important to note About all of this all of these funny Positions that you may see him uh go Through whether it's through transition In in the follow through on some of These Matic ball fights is he's staying Balanced and he's staying balanced in Positions that very few people can and I

Think that that just comes with a lot of Practice and patience and that leads me Into the real Beauty in summation of the Of the Scottish gospel and which is that It's one of the few times that we've Seen someone with a fairly exploratory Dare I say spontaneous golf swing Certainly not teachable in its whole They're again there are many things to Learn from but you can't say hey let's Swing the club X cloudy shop for now That you just can't do it it's one of The few swings that we've seen Garner Incredible ball striking consistency and You know domination of the golf world if You see what Scotty shuffler did in 2022 He was without a doubt the greatest Golfer in in the fields he played in he Was to be feared and again he's a young Guy ripped up The Corn Fury tour to get To the PJ tour I think there's a lot of Success in his future the the golf swing Itself you know he maintains great Posture great spine angles so obviously You can't predict someone to go injury Free but it's certainly isn't a swing That is conducive to injuries down the Line so I like Scotty a lot I think They're you know there's a lot to learn From the swing while it may not be a Teachable swing all in all but I hope You guys learned something from this I'd Love to hear your thoughts on shuffle Swing I know that as with all of these

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Swing analysis I see things a little bit Differently than you all do so leave any Thoughts down below anything you agree With disagree with or things that I may Not have addressed I'd love to see your Comments down below if you enjoy content Like this please leave a like rating Down below it helps YouTube show this Content to more people who will find it Helpful it also shows me that you're Enjoying this type of content the past Few that we've done you guys seem to Have really enjoyed on Nelly Corda and Max Homa so we're going to keep them Coming if you want to see more content Like this you can subscribe to the Channel to see all of our future uploads If you like these swing analysis as well You can go into our playlist Tab and go Through player analysis and we have all Of our swing analysis and game analysis Uh in that tab so you can go through all That and watch it if you're enjoying This type of content as always thank you All very much for watching play well and Take care Thank you Foreign