STORYi Golf Sleeves Product Review!

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In this video, we offer thoughts on STORYi Golf/Sport Sleeves. STORYi Sun Protective arm sleeves are inclining its popularity by leading the golf and outdoor sports community to raise the awareness of skin-protective accessory garments to shield against the harmful UV rays while keeping the skin stay cool.
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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Conley with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be doing a product Review of story sleeves uh specifically The Sun Sleeves I got a few of them in Uh from Sam over at story he sent them Over and I'm very grateful for it so Today we're going to be going through The products he sent over my thoughts on Them and uh what I make of these types Of products in effort to promote Transparency I will say that these were Sent to me by Sam which I appreciate Very much however I was not paid for This so the review that I give will be An honest one if I don't like the Products that I get sent I will say that If I like them I will say that too and I'll recommend them to you so just Wanted to get that get in front of that So story sent over five pairs of sleeves I got two sets of white uh some gray Some Navy and they also have some really Neat colors like this Um I mean that's that's pretty cool you Need the right shirt to go with it but Certainly very cool so the main reason That a golfer would wear Sun Sleeves for Those unaware is to protect your arms From the Sun now when you're in a golf Cart usually your arms are ahead of you Rarely do you get Burns or sunburn or Sun exposure on the legs like the calf Area you might get it on top of the

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Kneecap but the arms are in the neck Area are usually what is most exposed so Having something to cover the arms is a Very effective way instead of putting on You know sunscreen and if you're playing A full round of golf you probably have To reapply sunscreen a few times these Are a great alternative to that that can Block out the sun now personally I do Not like to wear sunscreen I live in Florida it's very sunny I get that and I Do care very much about protecting my Skin which makes a product like this Super valuable I also know that when you Put sunscreen on your hands to put it on Your arms now now you're all slippery And that's not good for playing golf so These are a very good friend uh if you Play a lot of golf in any type of sun Melanoma is super common there's a lot Of golfers who have come out talking About it Justin Thomas started the Sunscreen brand and a lot of golfers and A lot of caddies are wearing sleeves so Now I've tried these on I've played one Round of golf in them I also went on a Run about a 40 minute jog in these and Both times I can say that I all I didn't Really realize that I was wearing them Because they're very comfortable these Have a fairly tight fit which I like but It's not a suffocating fit at all which Is super super good because you don't Want it loose or baggy but you don't

Want losing any circulation now I Understand that that is you know a fit Issue but these do stretch but they also Compress and one thing that's huge about These is they ride all the way up to the Bicep and what I've found is that these Do not sag down I have had Sun Sleeves Where the top end of the sleeve sags Down and you're constantly pulling it up Through your shirt trying to bring it up Here it gets very annoying so in terms Of fit in terms of feel and the fabric Used I'm a big fan of all of that across The board now something that I thought That I mentioned because it does apply To some people is that I wear a watch When I golf I know that a lot of people Also wear watches or they wear bracelets You can very easily just bring this down Lower and if you're not wearing a watch You can bring it up higher so I thought That I'd let let you know because a lot Of people may be concerned about that Additionally all the colors are great I Know that white is probably what you see Most often it's what's cool but also It's very helpful to have other options Because a lot of people have all kinds Of golf shirts all kinds of different Pants shorts hats whatever on their Store they have a ton of options I was Also sent these gray sleeves which are Really neat and then another pair of White I also sent a pair of Navy but

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Those are in the wash right now because I use them on my run Sam over at story Was also kind enough to send me some Teas and these are very nice tees I'm Not sure if they're available in the Store but if they are I mean These are one they're not going to break Two you're not going to lose a yellow Tee also these nice hats they've got a Lot of hats and other nice Apparel in The store which I would definitely Recommend you check out Um and another thing that I'm interested In when I look at golf products that I'm Sent is who else is using them are they Endorsed do instructors like them do Professional golfers like them and uh in The case of story there's actually a Very solid base of all of those examples Butch Harmon who is arguably the most Notable golf instructor in America and Has been for quite some time he rocks Sun Sleeves and I know that they're very Popular amongst caddies I know that Charlie Hoffman uh wears them from time To time who is a golfer not a caddy Colin work how is caddy JJ wears them so They have a lot of traction from notable Names in the golf Community which is Another sign that you can trust the Brand so everything that I've seen heard And experienced with a story brand I had Nothing but positives to say I like the Product a lot I like the people behind

The product and I think it's making Great waves in golf and it's always Important to practice self-care it may Seem like oh I got a sunburn here maybe Get a sunburn a few weeks later but that Adds up if you don't want melanoma you Don't want any issues with skin health Issues later on down the line so if it's Going to help you look after yourself They're fairly stylish and they are Super comfortable why wouldn't you do it Again it should be reiterated that these Are not restricted to just wearing During golf I actually golf I run and I Play Pickleball I do all those things And the I will wear these while doing All of them so they are sport sleeves They can be used for all kinds of Applications it's not restricted to golf I'll leave a link down in the Description below to look into the brand A little bit more try exploring some of Their products and I hope you have the Positive experience with them that I had If you like seeing these product reviews Type videos I know that I've done a few Of them with other apparel and training Aid companies I enjoy doing them I if You enjoy them leave a like down below So that I can see that you're enjoying The viewing of them and if you want to See more content like this in the future As well as some whether tip and drill Oriented videos to help you grow

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Confidence on the course feel free to Subscribe to the scratch golf tips Channel as always thank you very much For watching play well and take care [Music]