Fix Your Chicken Wing In Minutes With This Drill

In this tip, I show you a simple drill that will fix your chicken wing in minutes.

So many people do a chicken wing yet so few every fix it. A chicken wing occurs when you try to hit the ball with your arms. This contracts your arm muscles and locks your wrists. This simple drill will fix your chicken wing in minutes because it will unlock your wrists. It also shows you what loose wrists even look like. You can literally see it.

So watch this tip and understand what I want you to look for. Then don’t wait until you get out to the course. Literally start doing this right now at home. Then keep doing it every day. A chicken wing is one of the worst things you can do in your golf swing. Learn how to fix your chicken wing in minutes and you will take your game to a whole new level.

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In this tip I want to talk about the Grip down drill so in the past I've done A tip you know had you grip down on the Golf club like this so you grip down a Few inches from the top And then you hinge right here And then you re-hinge so what you're Doing is you're looking for the butt of The club And then the butt of the club it's not Like this up here to up here okay right Here Watch watch how little I'm moving right There there's the butt There's the butt see to do that You can see how the butt of the club Goes away from the belly button It comes at the belly button and then Away from the belly button okay so it's Only at the belly button for a Millisecond If you did a chicken wing you'd be like This At your belly button see right here For a long period of time clubs coming In like this it's at the belly button And then it would leave about so the Span Is like this that it's pointing at your Belly button I want that club to not Point at your belly button for any Period of time So why am I bringing this up well the Other day I gave a gentleman a lesson

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He'd had a lot of lessons from other People and he was still looking very Very tight So I said hey why don't we just do the Grip down drill okay so I got him Understanding it okay so you grip down But To belly button relationship keep it Away Oh when you keep it away like that you Want to feel kind of a snap Okay that's One of the snaps that I talk about right There If you don't keep it at your belly Button for any period of time you're Going to feel this snap So I go hey why don't we hit some balls With that okay so guy steps up like this Okay he does the grip down And we keep hitting and hitting and Hitting and hitting After five minutes he's hitting the ball Longer and better than he was when he First got here this is he was like a 12 Handicap And he starts taking perfect divots False sounds absolutely pure as can be Coming off the face Took him five minutes Okay But he kept doing it kept gripping down Hitting the shot as you see right there I just hit one and when you grip down

Even a couple inches like that you Almost hit the ball as far as your real Shots So I gave him that concept of Don't feel the butt at your belly button For any period of time so when you grip Down like this and you go to hit balls Just think there's the belly there's the Butt of the club don't keep it pointing At the belly button so I had him teeing It up like this You know put it on a tea Just a little half inch off the ground Make it a little easier grip down about Two inches and just hit balls thinking About that take the butt do not keep That At your belly button after you do that You'll start to feel this snap I'm Talking about Okay you need that snap because that's What's going to give you the club head Speed Is you hit your shot so it's got to feel Like it snaps And that's I'm relating that to you as a Description that people who have never Released the golf club That's how they describe it to me okay They say oh Feels like it snaps yeah that's the snap You know think of a whip okay a whip Snaps This is a snap like that

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Got to get that snap to get the club Head speed so this is a great way to be Working on that you But Away from the belly button right there Right there right there right there at Night at home you just sit there every Night do that oh yeah feels like it Snaps yeah that's what you want gotta Get used to that then you apply that Feeling to your shots Start by gripping down let's say you're Two inches go up to one inch And then do it at the top of your golf Club okay No joke just give me five ten minutes of Doing that You will see mind-blowing shots just Doing that little drill And then you'll start to understand the Effect of that loose wrists you know Hinging and re-hinging and then just Understand that that is a huge component In your golf swing Okay so if we can get that snap That's where we're going to get all that Power and of course consistency because You'll be squaring the face all right so Grip down try it hitting balls Tee It Up And then you're going to see what I mean I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link

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