Golf Teacher uses V1 Game to help golfers improve

Artificial Golf Putting Greens – Bringing The Game To You

For avid golf fans, artificial golf putting greens brings the game to your backyard. Synthetic greens are affordable and relatively easy to install. Whether you are interested in tournament greens or leisure greens, there is an artificial turf to meet your needs for enjoying the game in the convenience of your own property.

DIY Putting Greens: Yay or Nay?

Although the thoughts of DIY putting greens are appealing for many lovers of the game, however, is it really a good idea? Often the project is started but never completed for several reasons. Usually, it is a bigger undertaking than initially thought.

Preparing At Home Putting Greens for Nature’s Elements

If you are one of the millions of avid golfers enjoying at home putting greens, preparing your investment during the winter months is essential. Although the preparation varies depending on your geographical location and the type of turf material, there are several basic steps you should take to protect your putting green from nature’s elements. Actually, taking proactive steps to protect your putting green begins with the falling of leaves in the fall.

Enhance Your Golf Game With Golf Training Aids

For a person who is new to the sport, golf training aids are essential and beneficial. It serves as a “teacher” to help the player get accustomed to golf essentials. If you are a novice and want to learn how to golf, a golf trainer is not always available and accessible every time you would like one. That’s why golf training aids are produced.

Golfers: Get More Distance With These Two Easy Fixes

One of golf’s great paradoxes is that the harder you swing, the less distance you will get out of a shot. We hear all the time to ease up, play more gently, and you’ll hit the ball farther, but we don’t do it because we don’t know how. Well, here’s how.

Simple Tips for Correcting a Slice Golf Swing

If you want to play golf well, then you need to heed these tips for correcting a slice. This, along with a good game strategy, should yield great results.

Ways on Improving Your Golf Game

Sometimes, people instructing you to do things can really get on your nerves. It just won’t work. Just like when you are trying to pull off a golf slice.

The Peak Seasons Of Golf Courses

Whenever one realizes that the winter season is on the close, they have to get ready for spring and plan on getting back to the golfing business. They have to make good use of the golf course before the long sunny summer appears. The period that causes the most limits towards people’s activities in the UK is winter, and it’s a very difficult season.

Dan Shauger’s Golf Instruction

Dan Shauger’s golf instruction is a trip back in time from that of modern golf instruction. In fact you need to go back to the 1930’s when a young golfer Mike Austin began his career. Mike Austin is known as the longest driver of a golf ball.

Let Your Golf Club Release

To understand the true majestic feeling and perfectly controlled shots that the “How to Kill the Ball” golf swing has to offer it is essential to fully release the golf club head through impact. Mike Austin constantly repeated these words “let the pendulum swing”. He was referring to letting the club swing freely from your wrist as the club went down under and up.

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Golf Instruction Tip – Find a Golf Instruction System and Stick With It

The best golf instruction tip I can suggest you do is after you have read or watched a golf instruction book or DVD, make sure that there is a teacher who can provide you with one on one lessons. I can’t stress enough that one on one lessons are the fastest way to get ahead with your golf instruction. What normally happens is that many golfers will purchase the latest instruction DVD or book and then try to learn by themselves the instruction written about.

Are You a Grip and Rip Golfer or a Swinger?

Grip and rip is a common term used by many golfers who like to bash the living day lights out of the ball. They address the ball, and then they put a death grip on their club with their forearms tightening up, and then they swing back and move violently through the ball with a wallop.

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