7 Mistakes beginners make when LEVELING their LAWN

Are you planning on Leveling your Lawn? Watch this first.
In this video I cover 7 common mistakes beginners make when leveling their lawns. This is not a how to level lawn lawn video but more of a what not to do when leveling your lawn video.

The secret to a perfect looking lawn is having it LEVEL.

Is your entire lawn or areas of the lawn filled with dips, ruts, low spots, and high spots? When your lawn isn’t level it can lose its once-pristine look, and lead to damage and accidents due to the craters making you twist your ankles and scalp your lawn with your mower. Good thing is, you can level your lawn yourself with your own leveling materials such as sand vs soil .

A level lawn also leads to a healthier and easier to maintain lawn. Not only does it result in a better quality cut, because your mower won’t scalp the lawn. Not to mention, mowing over a bumpy surface is uncomfortable. Low spots are of particular concern because as the tires pass over them, the level of the mower blade also drops, plunging it into the higher spots and cutting the grass too low in that spot. The last advantage to a level lawn is drainage. Holes and low spots tend to collect water in pools, which increases chance of lawn fungus.

Basic equipment needed to level your lawn: lawn leveling rake or lawn leveler or lawn lute or lawn level drag or any other kind of lawn level tool . Also you will definitely need a gorilla cart to haul around the thousands of pounds of material. The most important tool is the lawn leveling rake, I will link below for the one I used for my lawn. This rake is used by golf courses to level their courses. It removes stones, breaks up small clumps, and creates a super smooth surface. It does a much better job at final leveling than just a landscape rake or push broom.

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