The 3 Pitch Shots You NEED For Lower Scoring

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, mastering your pitch shots is a must. These short-range shots can make all the difference when it comes to lowering your score. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the three pitch shots that every golfer needs in their arsenal. With a little practice and patience, you’ll have the skills you need to confidently approach any pitch shot on the course. So, let’s dive in and get started!

The 3 Pitch Shots You NEED For Lower Scoring: Versatility and Scoring Around the Greens


Having a proper golf swing is crucial to drive the ball accurately and score well, but improving your short game can be the difference-maker in shaving strokes off your scorecard. Pitch shots often require finesse, accuracy, and strategy. Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from having multiple pitch shots in their arsenal for versatility in approach shots with different course conditions and pin locations. In this article, we will discuss three essential pitch shots and how they can improve your scores.

The Standard Pitch Shot: A Versatile Option for Your Approach Shots

The standard pitch shot is a go-to shot for many golfers, requiring a medium trajectory with enough spin to stop near the pin. This shot is usually played with a 60-degree wedge or any wedge loft that is comfortable for the golfer. The stance and swing for this shot are similar to a full swing, but with the backswing limited. Here’s how to hit a standard pitch shot:

  1. Address the ball with your weight centered and slightly open stance
  2. Use a comfortable grip with hands in front of the ball
  3. Shorten your backswing while keeping your wrists firm
  4. Accelerate through the ball with a slight follow-through
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The standard pitch shot is effective for approach shots with bunkers, water, and different pin locations. Practice this shot to gain consistency and confidence around the greens.

The Low-Spinning Wedge Shot: Escaping Tight Lies and Controlling Distance

The low-spinning wedge shot is an excellent option when the ball sits on a tight lie, or you want to keep the ball low and rolling for added distance. This shot requires a downward acceleration through impact and spin experimentation to control trajectory.

  1. Use an open stance with the ball positioned slightly back in your stance
  2. Lean the shaft forward and use your short game grip
  3. Maintain firm wrists and keep the face square to the target
  4. Deliver a downward strike on the ball, with a shorter swing and a flatter trajectory

The low-spinning wedge shot can be advantageous when you need to avoid hitting into the wind or to keep the ball from rolling off the green. Practice this shot on a tight lie to see how the ball reacts and gain confidence.

The Dead-Arm Pitch Shot: A Soft, Controlled Shot for Delicate Shots

The dead-arm pitch shot is a useful shot for golfers who want to dampen the trajectory and minimize backspin. This shot requires a shorter backswing, and the lack of acceleration leads to a gentler, less explosive impact with the ball.

  1. Address the ball with a slightly open stance
  2. Keep your hands ahead of the ball and use light grip
  3. Swing back with minimal wrist hinge and avoid cocking the wrists
  4. Focus on a smooth, gentle impact, and a quick stop after impact
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The dead-arm pitch shot is ideal for close range pitches, where you need to land the ball softly and roll it out to the pin. This shot requires practice and touch, and it can be an effective way to save par.


In conclusion, mastering the three pitch shots discussed in this article can help improve your short game and lower scores. The standard pitch shot is a versatile option for most approach shots, while the low-spinning wedge shot is useful for tight lies and controlling distance. Finally, the dead-arm pitch shot is an excellent option for those looking for a soft, controlled shot. Practice these shots in various scenarios, gain confidence, and see the difference in your short game.


  1. Can I use multiple clubs for these pitch shots?
    Yes, you can use various wedge lofts to play pitch shots according to the distance, trajectory, and ball lie.

  2. How do I practice these pitch shots?
    You can practice these pitch shots on the practice range or on the course, during practice rounds. Start with shorter shots and work your way up to longer shots.

  3. How do I decide which pitch shot to play in a particular situation?
    The conditions of your lie, wind direction, distance to the pin, and obstacles on the course should determine which pitch shot to play.

  4. Are these pitch shots suitable for high handicappers?
    Yes, these pitch shots are suitable for golfers of all skill levels, and can help simplify your short game.

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