How to Set & Achieve Great Golf Goals!

Notepad Golf

Notepad golf is thinking your way to better golf. If you have ever been at a golf tournament or watched closely when golf tournaments are on television you will probably notice or have noticed something just about all of the pros do as they play their round of golf. They keep a small notepad which they read at the start of the hole prior to teeing off and as they are getting ready for their shots to the green.

How To Have The Right Golf Swing Plane

When playing, knowing how to have the right golf swing plane is essential to a players success. The more confident they are, and also having the better the playing field conditions, the finer their game will be.

Hips in the Golf Swing

One key ingredient in the having a good golf shot, would be hips in the golf swing. Your hips have to be in sync with your arms and your shoulders. There is a lot to remember in a golf shot, but when practiced over and over again it basically becomes second nature to how your swing is supposed to travel.

Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speeds

In the game of golf there are different types of golf ball for different types of golfers, and every golfer has to pick different types of golf balls for slow swing speeds. There are hundreds of different types of golf balls. There are at least 10 different types of golf ball companies and each company has a different perspective of the golf ball.

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The Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters is arguably the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. A timeless tradition initiated in 1934 by amateur golf legend Bobby Jones and New York investment banker Clifford Roberts, the Masters is held in Augusta, Georgia at the exquisite Augusta National Golf Club.

SkyCaddie SG5 – The Latest Golf GPS Rangefinder

SkyCaddie SG5 is suitable for the golfers who need a high-end GPS assistance. It incorporates the top-class Swiss engineering that offers reliability. There is a huge color display along with automatic backlighting. You can easily view the screen in bright daylight.

Chipping and Pitching Tips

Chipping and pitching are two very important aspects of the game of golf. For most golfers who shoot between 80 and 90, approximately 45 to 52 shots are spent either within 75 yards of the green or on the green. For those averaging even higher scoring ranges, even more shots are used within 75 yards of the hole. So what you may say. Well, any golfer can improve his scoring average, handicap and enjoyment of the game by working on his short game. That’s chipping and putting. Heard that before? Probably.

Buying the Golf Range Finder That Is Right for You

Trying to choose the best Golf Range Finder on the market can be complex. There are so many different styles, makers, sizes, options; even the different colors can make it hard to choose. If you were to go searching on the web for Golf Range Finders, you would see that the options are endless.

What Does Golf Driver Loft Mean?

Part of learning how to be a good golfer is learning the terminology involved with the sport. Golf driver loft is a term that many beginning golfers have heard but they have no idea what it means. The definition of loft pertains particularly to hitting the ball off of the tee.

How to Hit a Driver

If a person could accurately and correctly hit the driver, it could contribute a lot in having a good golf game. Due to the fact that hitting a driver is important, many people are often nervous and intimidated when doing this kind of shot. Before learning all the techniques in making a good hit, people should first eliminate this feeling of being intimidated because it would not be helpful in getting a good shot. If a person is relax and comfortable, that would be the perfect time to incorporate the techniques that would answer the question, how to hit a driver?

The Rules Of Golf Uncovered – Part 2

Here are some more of the many rules of golf. You cannot move a ball when it is at rest, with certain exceptions…

Garmin Approach G6 Review

The new Garmin Approach G6 is redesigned to be more golf friendly while maintaining its outdoor ruggedness. There are still no annual fees or cost for future course updates. The unit comes preloaded with courses from around the world, a high resolution touchscreen, and 2 buttons for instant access to the most common functions.

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