Chipping & Pitching Yip – The Cure

THE YIPS – PGA Professional Robin Symes shows a couple of different methods to reduce your anxiety when chipping or pitching.

Hi Robin here. Now if you’re struggling with your chipping or your pitching, making good contact with the ball. Perhaps you feel like you’ve got the yips. I’ve got a couple simple tips for you. Now it’s a deep subject, but there’s no question your anxiety level will be high, you probably feel like you’ve got a sudden urge or sudden uncontrollable hit at impact, you get all sorts of different types of shots. It takes away your enjoyment from the game. Now my two tips are quite simple. The first one is to control your breathing throughout the swing. What I want you to do before you make the swing is inhale, and then throughout the entire swing exhale. If you can control your breath you will feel your anxiety level reduce, it will take away that sudden urge to hit at impact. If you do hit it at impact, if you have that uncontrollable acceleration you will hear it in you breath. Let’s give it a try.
Okay, the second one, it’s very similar but rather than controlling your breath what we are going to do is we are going to hum. You are going to hum continually throughout the entire swing. Trying to keep the tone consistent and even. If you have that sudden acceleration at impact you’ll hear it in the tone of your hum. Again you can start to practice evening that out, again reducing your anxiety level, smoothing out your tempo. Let’s give it a try. I had the smallest acceleration there, I could hear it in the tone of my hum, that’s something for me to improve on. So a couple of simple tips, I hope that gets you back on track. I hope that improves your chipping and gets your back enjoying the game again.


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