Here’s a simple hip drill that shows you how to move your hips in the downswing and into the follow through. The more hips you use in your swing, the more distance you will gain.

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So many golfers are just hitting with the arms when they swing. This can be from not realizing they have to use their hips, they might not know how to use them or they are just hitting with the arms. In order to hit the ball longer with your driver golf you need to be powering your swing with your legs and hips.

This hip drill gets you learning how to use them. Once you know how, then you can start trying to power your swing with them instead of just hitting with your arms. This drill drill can be done at home. at the range or even when you play so start to do it as soon as you can.

The more you do this hip drill the more distance you will get because you will finally be using your body to hit the ball instead of just your arms.

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