Cool Wrists Release Drill (For More Distance)

Here’s a cool wrist release drill you can literally do anywhere to help unlock your wrists. Most golfers I see have wrists that are all locked up. This is due to hitting the ball hard and sometimes not realizing your wrists need to be loose as you swing.

Think of your wrists as a hinge. They hinge they rehinge. A hinge is loose. The looser it is the faster it swings. So if you want more power doesn’t it make sense to loosen your wrists. Well this cool wrist release drill will get you to do just that.

This wrist release drill can be done anywhere so start doing it now at home, at the range and even when you play.

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In this tip I'm giving you another drill That you can be doing with your putter So putter huh I'm out on the golf course I don't hit shots with my putter yeah But when you've got your putter in your Hand you're usually over on the green Waiting for your three friends to take An hour to make all their putts or line Up their putts and everything yeah we're Always waiting around for people so if You're waiting around you might as well Be doing something to help your swing All right so you got your putter in your Hand your putter will have a flat Surface on the grip right here so we Want to use that flat surface to Indicate what's happening with the golf Club so for this one we want to work on Our release so we're going to grip down Until our index finger touches the metal Shaft Okay so I've got the flat surface right Here now this one real simple we're here We're going to hinge the club like this There's the flat surface facing this way All right if I was to be out of position I the flat surface could be anywhere but The flat surface is facing this way Now when I go through the flat surface Is again Facing me this way all right or the it'd Be the opposite at this point right so Flat surface Flat surface flat surface flat surface

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See how my wrists are hinging and then You see how they kind of come in like This and roll over to get to this point You could even recognize here that the Flat surface is pointing right at you Rate of impact here so then it would Point at you here so just keep the flat Surface pointing at you there There there All right you can see it right here and Now as you do that make sure you're not Letting go of the golf club I try to explain this to a lot of people You know give them these little drills And everything and they do them wrong I am not letting go of the club I am holding on I am doing this to loosen my wrist joint Here All right if you let go you're getting a False sense of lose Problem is when you let go you're going To grab back on which is going to lock Everything up again so it's really not Beneficial so you need to hold on okay Like hold on at like eight out of ten Sit here hinge re-hinge flat surface Flat surface over and over and over see I'm white knuckling it here I'm not Letting go Okay because my wrists are loose All right so give that a try next time You go to play golf okay I guarantee you Will stand there waiting forever for

Your playing Partners to line up their Putts and all that and you'll just be Standing here going oh come on hit the Putt it's not the Masters All right I know that because that's what I say When I'm waiting and waiting and waiting And waiting so instead of just waiting There like this Do something Do some little beneficial drills that Are going to help your swing and what Perfect opportunity than to have a golf Club with a flat surface right here so You can figure out exactly what the Club's doing as you're doing these Little drills I truly hope you've Enjoyed this tip here's another tip That's going to help you improve your Swing now right below that don't forget To click on that link because I'm going To send you some free samples of my body Swing book and video series that'll take You step by step by step through how to Build a powerful effortless pain-free Golf swing

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