How to Stop Chunking Your Chips!

The Proper Techniques In Playing Golf

A correct stance is the other important factor for an efficient golf swing, besides an ideal grip. If you set off with a terrible golf stance, it could subsequently lead to a terrible back swing, a terrible downswing and a terrible finish. Apart from that, it wouldn’t be crystal clear where precisely your golf ball will arrive after you hit it.

GPS Golf Rangefinder Vs Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you are thinking about buying a golf rangefinder, the question isn’t “Should I buy “, it’s “Which type should I buy”, a GPS Golf Rangefinder or a Golf Laser Rangefinder. Either is likely to help you take shots off your game and make golf a little more fun, but both types have pros and cons. You can’t go wrong with a golf rangefinder, but consider these pros and cons to see which type will benefit YOU the most.

Should Long Irons Still Be In Your Bag?

Traditionally, long irons have been known as the hardest clubs to hit. The have little loft, so they’re harder to get in the air, the hitting surface is small, so it’s easier to mis-hit. Everyone is replacing them with hybrid irons. If you’re thinking of doing that, think again. You might be getting rid of the best friends you have in your bag.

Golfing Lessons – Effective Ways To Learn Golf

If you are an amateur, then it is very necessary for you to get golf lessons. There are basics and essentials of the game. The basics come at the beginning stage. Firstly, learn the basics than move towards the essentials. If you hire some golf coach, than it is effective to learn basics, as the basics are the basis for further proceed to the essentials of the game. And if the basics are not cleared, than you can’t move further.

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Fix Your Golf Slice Now

The single most difficult thing for amateur golfers to fix is your golf slice. Recent polls have concluded that over 85% of amateur golfers struggle from a slice. Every imaginable book, lessons, training gizmos and tips are available for fixing the terrible golf slice.

Tips to Reduce Your Golf Handicap Rapidly

Golf is a lot of fun to learn however it can be frustrating if you are not getting better and shooting scores you know you are capable of. Learn useful tips to help you learn how to play golf better and reduce your handicap.

Fitness Tips for Golf Seniors

Golf seniors have to take particular care of their fitness and stamina if they want to continue to maintain their golf handicap as they age. Stretching an flexibility exercises are ideal in helping you to stay flexible through your swing, and maintain the accuracy and length needed to keep your game just where you want it – golf senior or not.

Hybrid Golf Clubs – Get to Know Them!

Hybrid golf clubs have outstanding features that can help a golf player step up his game. Hybrid, of course, means the “offspring of two animals or plants of different species, varieties or genera”, but this is a genetics meaning. To us, golfers, however, hybrid golf clubs mean the merging of the elements of wood and iron clubs into one incredible golf club.

Strength and Fitness Training for Out-Of-Shape Golfers

While some people may not think golf requires much in the way of fitness conditioning or strength training, I have to disagree. Golf is a strenuous physical activity that is much harder to enjoy when out of shape. Golf requires the development of fast-twitch muscles and demands flexibility. In the following article, we’ll focus how someone in less than stellar shape can begin to develop the flexibility required to play golf effectively and concentrate on the various exercises that can improve the strength and conditioning of even the most out-of-shape golfers. How do I know? I used to be one and what I’m about to share with you has already worked for me!

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Benefits of an Electric Golf Trolley

An Electric Golf Trolley is run on battery and used instead of a caddy or carrying a golf bag. This works on the mere push of a button and assists the golfer to move around without a caddy or even carrying a golf bag himself.

Is a Golf Laser Rangefinder Right for You?

While just about any golfer can benefit from a golf rangefinder, not everyone is suited for a golf laser rangefinder. When you’re talking about an investment of $150 – $500, you probably want to make sure you’ve thought it through. Here are four things to consider before taking the plunge…

Nike Golf – Attacking the Golf Market!

With an ever-expanding golf clothing collection and ground breaking golf equipment, Nike Golf has proven that it is keen to attack the golf market. Jason Wade, Nike Golf’s Apparel Director commented on the range: “We are the number one brand worldwide in golf apparel and our technical innovations will continue to keep us at the forefront of golfer’s minds when they are making buying decisions”. With “The Oven”, Nike Golf’s state of the art research and development facility, at their disposal, Nike has been able to take big steps forward in terms of golf club and golf ball innovation.

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