Easy to Perform Half Swing

Hi, this is Dave Cahill with Cahill Golf and it is another beautiful morning in Palm Springs.
Have you ever noticed that it is easier to hit the ball solid and accurate with a half swing? Why is that? What is going on in the half swing that makes it easier to perform? Or, why is it more difficult to take a full swing? So, when we take a half swing with our arms moving to the nine o’clock position all we have to do is turn and then the club goes on the right path. However, if we go back a bit further, past the nine o’clock position, then we have to make an initial weight transfer, let or arms drop into position even past the nine o’clock position a bit and then turn into the shot. If we don’t do that we start throwing our arms and hands at the ball early and may end up missing the shot! So that little half shot is very easy to perform and you have lots of occasions to do it but if you are going back farther make sure you do your weight transfer, let the club drop in and then turn through.
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