Lesson With John G: An Easy Swing For A Bad Back (Alternative Method Perfect For Senior Golfers!)

Not all lessons are alike, and not all students are alike. As a coach, I have my preferences for the golf swing and the way someone ought to move (as laid out in most of the videos on this channel), however at the end of the day I coach the individual, not the method. With John G here, it was quickly evident that his back was not allowing him to perform certain movements the day of our lesson together. In our past lessons, the more rotational driven swing had worked well for him, but as you will see in this video, he was just not able to make that happen on this day with how badly his back was bothering him. I’ve also made a few videos in the past on the various ways to swing a golf club, and for John we went with one of these alternative approaches, one of freely elevating the club and letting gravity bring it back down. It seems simple, but it can really work if your body just isn’t allowing other movements. This can also be a great swing for senior golfers!

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