Ep 5 Justin Sandmann, Rediscovering Your Identity

In this week’s episode we talk to Justin Sandmann, a Film and TV director.
He runs his own production company called Sandmann Productions and he’s someone that’s filled with Joy throughout the trials, tribulations and furnace of fire.

I believe he has so much to offer and he brings hope because of his faith and his call to a higher purpose.

Why I want to talk to Justin on the topic of rediscovering your identity – is because after covid’19 everyone has had some sort of setback and has had to think of innovative ways to keep bringing in an income.

Some of us have lost loved ones, some of us have lost businesses, suffered sickness and I know almost everyone has been affected during this season in one way or the other.

I’m so excited to talk to him about his journey and to share his story with you. It’s jam packed with brilliant content.

To recap on what we can take away from this episode is the following:

– Have courage to pursue your dreams, it is possible.
– Not everyone is cut out to run their own business.
– There’s a reason why 80 percent of start-ups fail – keep up-skilling yourself in your business and get a mentor.
– Your destiny is in your hands – do what it takes to make it.
– Link with people who are great at business, collaborate and surround yourself with others who are brilliant at what they do.
– Being successful comes down to perseverance and passion.
– Justin loves the art of storytelling and his life choices have been determined through seeking to tell better stories.
– The heart of every great story is the story of the heart.
– When it comes to your identity – it’s identity that brings about purpose.
– Remember the toaster analogy: the toaster doesn’t get its identity from its purpose. The purpose flows from knowing its identity – why it has been created.

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