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Me and my golf students absolutely detest slicing, so much so that developing a strategy to combat even the nastiest slices has become a mission for sometime. Defined by an excessive curve to the right for righties or to the left for lefties, slices plague countless golfers, especially those players that are just beginning to master the athletic motion behind their swings.

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Without a huge technical breakdown, slicing describes a situation where the clubface opens up to the swing path during impact. This means that while your clubface may be directed left of the target line or closed at impact, your club may be traveling even more towards the left which will force the golf ball to curve right rather than remaining on the intended trajectory towards the target.

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The more open the clubface to your swing path, the huger the slice will be in the resulting shot. Slicers who intend to improve their swings find this to be one of the most painstaking elements that they must fix before reaching a sustainable level of enjoyment while golfing. Yes, slicing the ball will become quite frustrating for most and even leads a few golfers away from the game forever.

Many slicers sometimes try to compensate for their flawed shot by aiming more to the left. This typically forces our brain to square the clubface more to the target as our senses recognize that we’re aiming left of target. This will cause your clubface to open up much more and typically creates an even bigger slicing situation.

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