John Jacobs – The Full Swing

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In This Programme John Jacobs, “doctor Golf”, Looks at the Grip, Club Face Alignment, Set-up, Clubhead Path, Posture, Angle of Attack, Backswing and Downswing.

“john Jacobs’ Logic is Unarguable and His Reasoning SO Understandable – His Success Has Been, and Continues to BE Outstanding” – jack Nicklaus.

former Top Tournament Player, TV Personality and Revitalizer of the European Tour, John Jacobs is A Major Figure ON Many Golfing Fronts. HE Has Had A Long, Varied Career, Involving Coaching the English, Scottish, French, German, Swedish, Italian and Spanish National Teams. HE Was Also Involved With the British Walker Cup Team Continuously From 1963 to 1987 And, ON Occasion, Assisted the British Curtis Cup Team. in the United States His Practical Golf Schools Now Attract Some 10, 000 Pupils Annually. HE Has Been Able to Pass ON His Successful Teaching Methods to A Formidable Team of Instructors Who Staff His Schools With Tremendous Success.

but IT is AS ‘doctor Golf’, Superstar Teacher, That Jacobs Has Won His Vast Following Wherever the Game is Played. We’re on INSTAGRAM:
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