How to Play Great Golf in The Wind!

Golf Swing Instructions: Ensure Accuracy When Stepping Off Yardages

Ensuring accuracy when stepping off yardages is some of the best golf swing instructions you will ever receive. You must know the precise yardage to your target in order to select the correct club and execute the perfect golf swing. Many golfers assume each step they take is equal to one yard of measurement.

Straight Golf Shots: How To Determine If Your Club Face Is Aligned Squarely

If you want to hit straight golf shots, your club face must be aligned squarely to your ball at impact on a swing path that matches your shoulder and target lines. If your club face is aligned squarely to your ball at the completion of your set up routine and, if the impact position of your club face replicates its address position, you will hit the golf ball straight, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball. Considering this phenomenon, it just makes sense to ensure your club face is aligned squarely to your…

Best Golf Lesson: How To Stay On Top Of Your Ball

The best golf lesson of late is learning how to stay on the top of your ball during your swing. Unless you stay on top of your ball during your golf swing, you most likely will sway and shift the top of your spine angle. This will cause the arc of your swing to bottom-out at the wrong point and result in a mishit golf shot.

Basic Golf Distance Tips

Every golfer wishes to improve their distance. The golf distance is somehow related to golf swings. So any golf distance tips should have something to do with strengthening the golf swing.

How Golf Began

The history of golf dates back to the early days in the Ice Age when the cavemen were bored of chasing after mammoths and so crossed the ice floes to reach the part of the world where all the tasty (and easy to catch) cows and goats lived. Supposedly they were whacking at the head of a small prairie dog with their clubs in order to pass the time as they went, but this is myth only. There have been earlier versions of the modern game of golf, such as a Dutch game that is depicted being played in…

Golf Tips That Will Improve Your Game This Season

  Golf is a very challenging game. Here are some of my golf tips which will help your game improve this season. Every club has a purpose and a different trajectory.

Golf Swing Instructions: How To Perform The Presto Fade Technique

One of the best golf swing instructions is learning how to lock-in a fade ball flight alignment during the set up proceedings and then hit a perfect fade golf shot. Locking-in and producing fade golf shots must be some of the best golf swing instructions available anywhere. If your objective is to hit a fade golf shot and you do not lock-in a fade ball flight alignment during your set up routine, you must rely on the traditional way of hitting a fade.

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What Is the Best Driver?

What is the best driver to use is an interesting question, one that all golfers professional and amateur have to deal with from week to week and golf season to golf season. Talk to golf professionals and they will probably tell you they have a dozen or more drivers and will switch depending on how they are playing at the time, the type of course they are playing, new innovations or modifications the manufacturer has made recently, health considerations and other issues. As many of you know some golf manufacturers are now selling drivers and fairway woods in which the golfer can adjust the lie and loft as well as the swing weight right on the golf course. Amateur golfers are not as fortunate as the pros since they have budget considerations, as opposed to the pros who get the clubs for free, consequently most amateurs probably have maybe three to eight drivers that they have collected over the years, but during the golf season will usually play only one or two drivers depending on how they are hitting the ball.

Golf Swing Improvement Using Selected Golfing Gadgets

How using selected golfing gadgets can accelerate golf swing improvement and year round golf fitness. For all recreational golfers, from just beginning golfers to low single figure handicappers, the term ‘Golfing Gadgets and Accessories’ covers anything from golf swing training aides, discount golf and sports equipment, total golf fitness and the golf accessories gift market all the way through to indoor practice putting greens.

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Hitting Out of the Rough

When hitting out of the rough, players must know the power and drive required to get the greatest shots. Depending how deep they are in, the strength required will vary per shot taken.

How Can You Afford To Play Golf?

Everyone has heard the stories of golfers spending thousands of dollars on a fancy course in the Bahamas, but how can people spend so much money on a game where you hit a ball with a very thin, very long stick? Is it the funny clothes that people have to wear, or is it the attraction of riding around in a golf cart? Golf is actually one of the more expensive sports to play, and you can end up dropping quite a pretty penny to get into a top golf club.

Why You Should Be Rooting For Tiger Woods

Certain figures in sports define there game, electrifying the audience and pushing there sports to new levels. Tiger Woods has made golf explode like Chris Moneymaker made poker boom. Things have changed for Woods of late battling to make the cut instead of battling on Sunday with the chance to win a major.

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