5 ESSENTIAL golf tips to Break 85 – EASY

Timing and Tempo of Your Golf Swing

One of the reasons we can sometimes go from having the best round of our lives to the worst is our timing. Your body during shots needs to be completely in sync with itself. This means your arms, legs and body all need to rotate and stay in balance throughout the shot to hit the ball squarely and powerfully.

Law Prohibits the Use of Golf Carts on All Myrtle Beach Golf Courses?

I can honestly say that Myrtle Beach is anti-walking when it comes to their golf. This is not totally the courses fault but obviously they are not going to push it given the revenue they generate from the carts. 30% of all rounds played last year in the US by core golfers (8 or more rounds per year) were walking rounds according to a study done by the National Golf Foundation.

The Golf Down Swing

The golf down swing is the last part of the golf swing, and needs to be performed properly in order to have an efficient, solid shot. Follow these lessons and tips on how to improve your downswing.

Information About College Golf Scholarships

The college golf recruiting process is extremely complex. Learn the facts about college golf scholarships and what junior golfers can do to better their chances of getting recruited.

Golf Swing Tips To Dispel Some Myths

In the game of golf, having the perfect golf swing is truly the Holy Grail! And no wonder, not only does a swing look good, it is actually a vital requirement if you want to play your game well and for this reason, a good golf swing has technical implications. Besides looking good, a golf swing has other advantages in that it allows one to drive the ball further with the use of less energy.

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Golf Swing Tips To Help You Get Started

Golf enthusiasts very well know the importance of the perfect golf swing. Not only does the perfect golf swing look exquisite, it has some pretty important technical advantages. For one thing it lets you hit the golf ball harder, driving it greater distances.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Golf Club for You

The most important piece of equipment when you are playing golf is the club. It doesn’t matter if it is the most expensive or the cheapest club – as long as it brings out the best in you.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Cleanly and Consistently

So many people that play (or try to play) golf do not know how to hit a golf ball, especially cleanly and consistently. This is due in large part to many bad habits that are abundant on the golf course that new golfers and beginner golfers alike inadvertently pick up. The bad news is you probably have picked up one or two of these bad habits without even knowing it. The good news is all you have to do is point your attention to the bad habit and easily change it.

Golf Swing Tips From the Experts!

Golf is a game that requires a great deal of skill. To the untrained eye, it is actually mesmerizing to see how a golf ball so small can be hit by a club and go hundreds of yards to its destination and that too with great precision! No doubt it takes a lot of practice to hit a golf ball that way.

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Golf Swing Tips: The Axis Of Rotation

There are many people who want to perfect their golf swing and for this reason are looking for golf swing tips that can make their swing better. Not only does the perfect swing look good, it has some technical aspects to it that can actually let us win the game! In this article, I will shed light on the axis of rotation during the swing and what people actually think of the axis of rotation and what it should be.

How To Drive In Golf

Learning how to drive in golf will set the pace for how well you do for the rest of the game. Follow these tips and lessons, and learn how to perfect your drive and shave strokes off your golf score!

The Garmin Approach G5 Handheld GPS – All You Need To Know

The Garmin approach G5 handheld GPS unit is a color screen display waterproof GPS unit that you can easily use immediately after purchase as it does not require any setup fee or subscription and configuration. It uses the rechargeable AA type batteries which makes it easy to replace when the need arises. In this article, you will learn important things about the Garmin approach G5 so that you can make a right decision when you have the need to buy a handheld GPS unit.

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