Testing The Most Forgiving Club Of 2021… With An X-Stiff Shaft!?

I Put An X-Stiff Shaft In THE WORLD’S MOST FORGIVING GOLF CLUB… We all love the idea of forgiving golf clubs, be it the best forgiving driver for mid handicap golfer’s? the best forgiving golf clubs for high handicap golfers, the most forgiving irons of 2021. the best forgiving golf clubs ever? in this video we look at what could potentially be the most forgiving fairway wood ever. The Titleist TSi1… ultra lightweight golf clubs are designed to help increase speed, increase clubbed speed, increase ball speed and ultimately hit longer golf shots, hit longer drives and make golf more forgiving or even make golf easier? X-Stiff shafts on golf clubs are designed to help players with fast swing speeds control the clubhead… so what happens if you put them both together? an Extra stiff shaft in a forgiving golf club? Let’s find out… and let’s do it now!

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