Tommy Fleetwood’s 5 IMPORTANT golf tips!

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Unlike many sports, golf requires equipment that is specific to your dexterity. For many years, left handed golf clubs were not readily found in golf shops, but now market competition is great and most sporting good and golf shops handle several left handed club models. Prices have become more reasonable so left handed golfers should have no more problem finding clubs suited for his game than right handed golfers.

Why Golf Clubs Within A Set Are Different Lengths

I have been asked many times how I came up with the concept of single-length golf clubs. The fact is that I did not come up with the concept at all, although I was not aware of this during my many years of experimenting, testing, and developing our line of 1 Irons. It was later that I learned that a number of companies had offered single-length sets of irons in the past and many top pros had played them.

Why Good Posture Is Important in Golf

Golf posture is the beginning of building a good swing. If you are not exercising proper posture upon setup, the rest of the swing is doomed to failure before it begins. At address, it is important to stop and take note of your weight distribution.

Why I Shop Online For My Golfing Equipment

This article takes a look at why I think it is a good idea to shop online for your golfing equipment. I explain what I think the advantages are, and put possible problems into context.

Quality Golf Clubs for Less

Can a golfer buy high quality golf clubs at a discount price? Let’s look into the cost of clubs, why the big name companies charge what they charge for their product, and determine if the consumer has any options that can lower his investment in the equipment needed to play the game.

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Mental Strategy For The Golf Course

Is there more to the game of golf than you have been applying? The next big part of your game may very well be the most important part you can work on to move to the next level. The most important part of your golf game that you must improve to be the golfer you strive to be. Let’s look at the six inches between your ears. Your mind and your mental approach to golf.

Yoga Exercises For Golf Core Balance

Have you considered doing yoga exercises for golf core balance? Yoga is good for body awareness, flexibility, calming your mind, proper breathing, and gaining control of mental and focusing abilities.

Long Drive Golf Tips

Long drive golf tips! Every golfer wants to learn how to drive golf balls farther down the fairways. You can drive the ball farther by learning and using a few golf tips. First of all, if you think that you have to be 6ft.8in. and weigh 270 pounds to hit it longer, that is simply not the case. A good example would be, Camillo Villegas.

Five Ways to Have More Fun With Golf

If you’re a recreational golfer, that is, someone who just wants to enjoy yourself in the out-of-doors with your friends, try these five ways to make golf more fun. They make it easier to play and let you get what you really want out of your leisure activities — relaxation and the feeling that it was time well spent.

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What To Look For In A Golf GPS

A golf GPS has become a must-have tool for golfers of all skill levels. Read below to learn how to properly find the correct GPS unit for your needs.

Do I Need Custom Golf Clubs Or Is It Me?

Every time I use a particular driver in my golf bag it does me in. It is a hybrid driver, supposedly the best club to use, as told to me by my instructor. However, each time I use it the shot fails. I am beginning to wonder… do I need custom golf clubs or is it me. Do you have this problem?

Leupold’s Unique GX-4 Rangefinder

Those seeking to purchase the best rangefinder on the market are likely looking closely at the Leupold GX-4 Rangefinder. The reason for this is that this particular device is packed with tons of features designed to deliver on expectations. If you want to boost your ability to drive your golf ball right to the hole, the Leupold Unique GX-4 Rangefinder can offer reliable help.

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