How to swing a golf club properly: A very simple technique Hey everybody Terry Bradley here and today we’re going to learn how to swing a golf club properly. Now when I take practice swings it looks pretty easy. It looks pretty simple. Take it back swinging through, take it back swing it through, take it back swing it through. For a lot of us when we take practice swings it probably looks real smooth. But what happens when we get over the ball, does your muscles tighten up because we just want to kill this ball! Well I can tell you there is a method to the madness of how to swing a golf club.

Why can’t we relax and make that smooth simple rehearsal swing? What happens is our center of gravity gets off plane. We think its us hitting the ball and not the club and we end up falling back or we end up leaning forward. And the end result is we actually lose all the balance we thought we had during our smooth practice swing and all the how to swing a golf club goes out the window.

The golf swing composes of 6 major parts positions: and that is the

1. grip
2. posture *including head position
3. take away
4. downswing
5. follow-through

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Now when I set up over the golf ball the only thing that goes through my mind is the rehearsal swing with the tempo and smoothness. Because I know my practice swing has all the elements in it that are going to get me in the right positions to excite a good golf shot. Now, I have a six iron here, I’m gonna see how I can imitate my practice swing so it overflows into my real swing.

There’s a few things to recognize when learning how to swing a golf club and the first is standing over the ball. Of course you get your posture and grip, but take the club back over the center of your spine. Turn on this axis and stay centered over the ball because this gives you maximum power through impact. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to any PGA pro golf events but the pros are notorious for practicing their swing when they are off-camera. I know it seems we see all the good shots but what you don’t see is them constantly working on their tempo and body positions. Yes, Tiger probably does it the most

So practice these five major areas the grip, the posture, the take away, the downswing and the follow through. Don’t rush yourself these techniques are not meant to be rushed. Because when you start rushing your body comes off plane and you don’t make a golf swing. So check us out at for the rest of our how to swing a golf club videos that will put you in perfect golf positions.

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