Golfing in Scottsboro, Alabama

Scottsboro, a small city in northeast Alabama, is located on scenic Lake Guntersville, the Tennessee River’s largest lake. The city’s moderate climate affords residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a number of outdoor sports and activities year round. Golf is popular in the region, and the Scottsboro area offers several fine courses to try.

City Golf – What To Expect And The Advantages

City golf has taken off around the world. Why? Because our busy lifestyles have demanded it. Most of us don’t have a spare 4-5 hours to play a full round of golf plus travel to and from the golf course. Well, that’s where City Golf has stepped in to solve this problem. In this article I’m going to address the advantages of City Golf.

Buy Junior Golf Club Equipment Now

In looking for the best golf tools and equipment for a junior golf player, you will need to consider the tips mentioned here, you can certainly use them in finding the best equipment for your kid. For sure, he will enjoy more in the golf game if he has the best tools and accessories for the sport.

Best New Golf Courses In The United States

If you are planning a golf vacation there are many new golf courses built during any given year. In this article we will examine the top courses that have been opened recently. Playing a new golf course can be a lot of fun, but playing one that hardly anyone has ever seen or played before can be even better!

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Is a Bushnell Hybrid Golf Rangefinder for You?

The announcement of the Bushnell Hybrid Golf Rangefinder has changed the landscape of the golf laser and GPS rangefinder industry. This new device combines the Bushnell Tour V2 laser with the Bushnell neo+ GPS rangefinder to give golfers the best of both worlds. Deciding whether or not to buy this latest entry into the rangefinder market, is largely a function of your need for it and your budget. Take a look at these recommendations.

Q-Link Lowers Your Golf Handicap

What is Q-Link and how does it work. And are the reports true, we have read that Q-Link improves your golf score, but how? Have you ever heard of a ‘biofield’, a subtle aura around each of us that houses negative and positive energies we experience throughout our day?

Get A Grip On Your Golf Slice

Don’t put if off any longer. Get a grip on your golf slice problem right now. This article shows you how.

Golf Pitching Tips to Eliminate Skulled Shots

Pitching is basically a shorter shot anywhere from say 20 to 60 yards where the ball flies most of the way and rolls only a short distance upon landing. This is one shot that many people have difficulty with and it is definitely easy to post a big score if you have trouble hitting these feel shots especially over ponds or bunkers. What then would be a good tip for hitting pitch shots?

Building a Mini Golf Course

Golf is a game that is enjoyed by everyone. This is because it is easy to learn and anyone can win at it. If you want to get good at this sport you can build a mini golf course in your yard, if you have one. Before you do this you need to decide how much space you will require and how much you will be using it. You will get different kinds of miniature golf designs on the internet. If you have the money then you can hire a landscape designer to build one for you.

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A Closer Look at Wilson Golf Clubs

Some of the most common names usually heard when talking about golf clubs are Mizuno, Nike, and Callaway. However, if you really look at it, they are mostly popular due to their drivers. Some of them provide more accuracy, while others give you more power.

Useful Golf Putting Tips For Lower Scoring

Golf really is a great game that everyone should play. Learn about putting and how to get better at it quickly so you can be shooting lower scores and have a better handicap.

Specifically What Can a Golf GPS Do For Your Game?

The player will discover golf GPS units progressing from simple black & white to state-of-the-art full color images. A great number of units have gone to color.

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