The SUPER SIMPLE way to escape golf bunkers (TRY IT)

10 Reasons To Spend Time On The Golf Course

Looking for a new hobby? Here are 10 reasons why golf could be the answer.

Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary? Why Wear Golf Shoes?

Ever wonder why many reputable golf courses require you to wear golf shoes when you play. There are a number reasons you may want to wear golf shoe and they have nothing to do with looking cool.

Golf Advice That Will Save Golfers Thousands

Golf is a great sport to get involved with. Getting out doors and being active is great for a start, but golfing gives players a chance to do this in a calm yet challenging environment. The golf courses throughout the UK are among the best, which means players will get the chance to visit some of the best places in the UK.

One Simple Key To Slashing Your Golf Scores

Ever wanted to improve your golf score? Of course you do, and so do many others around you. Many golf enthusiasts spend a fortune buying the latest DVDs, books and golf swing analysis software to improve their golf game and their scores.

Golf Course Help – How to Repair a Ball Mark

If you’re new to golfing like I was just a few years back, you’re definitely going to want to know how to fix the parts of the course that you temporarily destroy. There are divots, and then there are ball marks. Both fixing a divot and how to repair a ball mark are relatively easy things to do. I know when I first started, I wanted to know how to do both beFORE I went out, so my friends would think I knew what I was doing. Maybe I can help you, too!

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Golf Techniques – How to Rake a Sand Bunker

If you’re anything like me, you’re always hitting your ball into the sand bunkers. You’re friends with that rake. Good friends. But are we fixing it correctly when we’re done? I’ll tell you how I do it, and how to rake a sand bunker my way…and I think it’s pretty good. Experience helps.

Golf Dress Codes

Are there dress codes at golf courses? Yep, sometimes there are. But why? And what types of dress codes can be found at courses? Hawaiian shirts only? Mandatory Speedos? Probably not. But there are a few typical consistencies that you’ll find, and I’ll briefly explain them to those who are wondering.

Practice Chipping Golf Balls Anywhere You Can

Practice chipping golf balls in your backyard, at the driving range, indoor golf dome, any field you can find or even using a golf practice mat in your basement. Just do it wherever you can to shave serious strokes from your golf score. Yeah, I know most of you are thinking he must be crazy, but take it from me it is the easiest, quickest way to lower your scores.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight and Reduce Your Blood Pressure

This could be news to you but it probably is not your golf ball that is fouling up. Learning how to hit a golf ball straight is simply learning a technique and then rehearsing it over and over again. Then your golf swing will be so natural that hitting a ball straight down the middle of the fairway will only be expected. So let’s go over the basic golf swing and give you a method to be perfected.

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Hitting a Golf Lob Shot – Are You Good at It?

So Exactly What is a Golf Lob Shot? This a seldom used shot but can be a great precision shot for you. This shot works when you are trying to make a high loft near the…

Judging Distances – 2 Great Practice Drills

One of the trickiest aspects of golf is judging distances. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting fairway shots to the green or putting to the hole – judging the right distance can be very challenging. Here are two fantastic practice drills that will help you become a master at ‘dialing-in’ those distances with ease.

Putting: 2 Great Tips For Stress Free Putting

These 2 tips alone will improve your putting by between 2 and 5 shots per round. Try these simple tips to see your handicap plummet.

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