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Improve Your Short Game – 4 Simple Golf Swing Tips

Playing chip shots around the greens is a challenge for many golfers. Knowing the importance of the short game, I work on my short game for hours at a time. I find that approaching chip shots as an extended putt helps. You want to try to get the ball on the green and rolling as quickly.

Posture For Longer, More Accurate And Powerful Golf Shots

The posture you have when you setup to hit a golf ball has a big affect on how you will swing the golf club and the potential distance you can hit the golf ball. Read this article to discover 6 simple steps to help you create a good setup posture position to help you have a chance of hitting longer, more accurate and more powerful golf shots.

Attending The Phoenix Open on a Private Jet

The Phoenix Waste Management Open, formerly known as the FBR Open, is one of the most popular events in the professional golf world. With a four day attendance of around 500,000, the event is attended by everyone from hard core golf fans, to people looking to attend the party at the 16th hole. The event doesn’t stop when the golf ends, and the world famous Bird’s Nest keeps the party going well into the night with drinks, celebrities and popular bands. Couple this with the wonderful weather that is typical for Arizona during the month of February, and you have a golf tournament that has become a travel destination for people all over the country. As typical for such a popular event, travel can become an issue for patrons looking to commute to and from other states to the Scottsdale area for the Open. Why deal with the hassle and potential stress of a commercial flight, when you can book your own personal getaway on a private jet to Scottsdale, Arizona? With a private jet, you can make sure to catch all of the action on and off the course, and make the trip one to remember.

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Shopping Golf Shoes? The 5 Most Helpful Tips

Many golfers don’t place much thought to their golf shoes. After all, they’re just footwear, right? No, that’s wrong. Actually, your golf shoes may make the difference between a bad golf swing and an absolute golf swing. You will also want to select a golf shoe that is advantageous for you and your feet. I bet you’ve never actually thought about how to select a healthy golf shoe. Neither have I – till now.

Spirit of Golf – Process

There are times in our lives when we become captivated by a compelling force that creates an interest or attracts us to an activity. We are stimulated by a passion to participate. As curiosity piques our interest, we begin a process of discovery that raises a higher awareness and attraction to its power. Motivation translates into a connection with a purposeful involvement. The desire to pursue the requirements necessary for successful achievement presents a need for a specific process of continued exploration.

One Great Golf Drill To Help You Feel The Golf Club In Your Golf Swing

Knowing where the golf club is at all times in your golf swing is critical for you to become a great ball striker. In this article you get one great golf drill that will help you to do this.

How to Hit Fairway Woods and Achieve Maximum Distance

Learn how to hit fairway woods well and significantly improve your game. Find many other hints and tips that will take your game to a new level fast.

The Fastest Way To Lower Your Golf Score
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In this article I’m going to give you the fastest way that I know of to improve your golf game. The average golfer shoots around 100 and in that score they would probably have about 7-8 three putt greens. So if the average golfer could eliminate all the 3 putts from their scores then they’d take 7-8 shots off their scores over night. Practice this long putting drill to improve your long putts and slash strokes off your golf score – fast.

Golfers – How To Break 90

If you can’t break 90 consistently when playing a game of golf then read this article now to discover what you need to do so you can break 90. I’ll also give you a priority list of what you need to work on and improve so you can break 90 consistently.

Improve Your Golf Swing Technique

You’re into golf and want to improve your swing. You want to hit further and straighter down the fairway. So how do you go about doing that?

Swing: The Golf Secret Every Pro Knows and Every Amateur Needs to Learn

If you’ve ever taken a golfing lesson that really didn’t help you to hit longer and straighter golf shots then you should read this article because in it I will describe the one principle of the golf swing that is the difference that makes all the difference in improving your golf swing technique. Of all the golf swing basics that you can learn there is only one that I can think of that would really help you to possess a more powerful and consistent golf swing. No more over the top swings, slices, fat shots and duffed shots, just solid golf shots with little to no curvature on the golf ball.

A Golfer’s Winter Skill-Building Plan

In the winter interval between golf seasons, golfers everywhere dream of playing better in the coming season. One way is to improve the skills you have. Do what you’re now doing, but better. A more productive way to improve is to learn new skills, and to do the same things not better, but differently. Here’s a plan for doing that, working from the hole backwards.

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