George Gankas THROWS in the TOWEL Swing Drill

The Tools Necessary for the Game of Golf

A quick look at the tools necessary to play the great game of golf. The game has sure changed from the time of Nicholas and Lopez.

1 Easy Step To Stop Leaking Power From Your Golf Swing

Releasing or ‘breaking your wrists’ too early is one of the most common mistake made in golf. The consequence is a massive loss of power from your golf swing. The good news is fixing this power robbing mistake is quite simple. Once you fix this problem you will be hitting the golf ball farther and straighter than ever before.

Briar Leaf Golf Club, La Porte, Indiana, a 4-Star Certified Course

Just over an hour from Downtown Chicago and 15 minutes from Lake Michigan sits the Briar Leaf Golf Club. This La Porte, Indiana course is one of Michigan’s gems.

Exploding Golf Myths

Golf features many myths. No one knows where they come from or how they get started, but they’re there. Unfortunately, these myths can hurt your game and your golf handicap. Below we dispel three of the most popular golf myths.

A 34-In-1 Golf Club?

Imagine a well-built club that starts out at a mere 17″ long, but once at your course, the Divnick Adjustable Golf Club extends to full size with the look and feel of a classic iron. From there, you can quickly adjust the head from a putter to a driver to a full set of irons and 8 wedges.

Why Go for the Garmin Approach G3

Garmin GPS products have taken travel and navigation to new levels. Their GPS helps travels get to their destination with ease and convenience. Now Garmin have come up with the a tool to help golfers. The Garmin Approach G3.

Easiest Way To Add Yards To Your Drives And Create A More Powerfull Golf Swing

Using this simple and easy chain reaction golf swing you can literally swing with less effort yet get more distance and consistency out of each drive (and every other shot too). This technique is not some ‘Gimmick’ or ‘BS’ new swing, its the simple technique that pro’s have been using for decades.

The Length of Your Backswing

To be in control of your swing, you have to be in control of the clubhead at all times. Take a backswing that is only so long that you can still be aware of where the clubhead is. That leads to clean contact and straight golf shots.

How to Purchase Quality Golf Memorabilia and Avoid Frauds

Sports fans often collect items related to their favorite sport or athlete and golf fans are no exception. There are many really cool pieces of golf memorabilia available for collectors. If you are new to collecting golf memorabilia, there are some things to learn to get the most for your money and build a valuable collection filled with unique, authentic pieces of memorabilia.

Best Golf Drivers Created In 2011

Every year that passes leading golf driver manufacturers spend more and more time and money on research and development in search of creating the best golf drivers they can. Find out how the very latest technology in the best golf drivers created in 2011 can help you to dramatically improve your game off of the tee.

Cheap Golf Equipment – How to Ensure That Your Money Is Well Spent

Golf is not an inexpensive game by any stretch of the imagination. Not only is golf equipment costly but you will also have to shell out quite a bit of money towards course fees. You will save quite a bit of money if you buy cheap golf equipment even if you can’t do too much to reduce the course fees.

Lake Michigan Hills Golf Club, Benton Harbor, Michigan, a 4-Star Certified Course

Lake Michigan Hills Golf Club, established in 1969, features a classic design masterpiece by Charles Maddox Sr. Formed from a fruit orchard, the Lake Michigan Hills layout includes lush tree lined fairways and elevation changes that are atypical for the Great Lakes. Golf Digest consistently rates this gem as a 4-Star venue and one that is always a top golfing destination in Southwest Michigan.

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